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I Am Guided By Divine Power

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Sunday, March 29, 2015  :

“Success and happiness are ours when we deal with Absoluteness.  This is the attitude we should have.  What we need to know is the Truth.  We shall be active, but we need not compel things to happen.

Ernest Holmes, The Science of Mind

In this now moment I enter into the place within, my sanctuary of Spirit, that Absolute Being in which all action exists.  I am that Absolute intelligence expressing as me.

I magnify all manifestations of good by focusing my thoughts on God.  Appreciation is a God-given power that magnifies the good in my life.  Any time during the day, I can use this power as a tool to reenergize my body, mind and spirit.  I appreciate the vitality that flows through my body.  I value the clarity of my thoughts and actions.  I appreciate the ever-present love of God that lifts my spirits.  I am one with the I Am presence.  Every decision that I base on Truth leads me to a higher awareness of joy, love and prosperity.  Every action I take is ease and natural.  My certainty of purpose and intention unfolds form my inner sense of Absolute Spirit alive as me and within my affairs.  I follow my inner divine guidance with trust and faith.  I speak my word establishing those results in my own consciousness as already existing and unfolding for me.  I appreciate this truth.

With my heart overflowing with gratitude, I release these words to the Law of Mind, knowing they are acted upon.  I am part of the divine flow. I let go and let God. It is done and manifest in my life. And so it is. Amen

Rev. Maryum Morse

Rev. Maryum Affirmation:  "In a challenging situation, I choose to consciously shift my perception, accepting the unlimited possibilities for good that lies within it.”

Center of the Heart Affirmation:  Miracles follow miracles. Wonders never cease. I give thanks for this magnificent day!

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"From Desperation to Inspiration"
Reverend Maryum with kirtan music from Sudama Mark Kennedy

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