Come Play with Us!


The Center of the Heart Youth Ministry Program is based on a national curriculum designed by practitioners of Science of Mind. The curriculum provides lessons in basic Science of Mind practices like affirmations, and meditation. It also encompasses teachings of oneness with God, being our true selves, and recognizing the gifts that come through challenges.
Our Youth Ministry is growing!
We would love to have your child join us
on a Sunday morning to learn through play!




Our morning includes:
Prayer and affirmation
Setting intentions
Lesson and conversation
Craft and story based on our theme
Snack and play time (healthy snacks are provided by parents)
We have just started our “Kids helping Kids Coin Sharing Program” which raises money for local non-profits serving children. The children bring their own spare coins, and the congregation also supports the program. It has been a wonderful experience for all in the congregation to see the power of their gift come together to help others in need. The youth involved in the program experience the joy of giving, and have fun collecting coins from the congregation!


We welcome all children ages 2 years and up who are able to stay independently in our program. Sometimes we ask that parents stay with their toddler or child in the program. We are not a day care, and do not change diapers. We prefer the children in the program be potty trained. If they are not, and are still independent enough to enhance the group, we ask that parents sit close to the back of the sanctuary and be available to support their child if necessary.

Check–in time

Your child is welcome to be with us from 9:55am. We attend the end of the service in the sanctuary to sing and have prayer with the congregation. Children and parents are reunited there and children are then released from the Youth Ministry program. Parents can accompany their children to pick up a craft or other items left in the Youth Ministry after service. We also welcome help in clean up!
We look forward to meeting you soon!

Contact information

Bev Berry:  Practitioner Support  - Youth Ministry:

Youth Ministry Leader

Leah Diamond
Leah has been a student of Science of Mind since 1985 and worked with children through the Goleta Union School District for 16 years. She loves to build the self-esteem of each child she connects with. “Children bring out my playful spirit. That is why it’s important to me to stay connected with our youth.” A mother of two grown children, ages 24 and 21, she brings a wealth of experience and love to her teaching. Leah uses her talent for cooking healthy food to the Center’s youth.