Assembly of Light Channeling by Abby Haydon

Abby Haydon channel

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The Assembly of Light is an inspiring group consciousness here to assist us at this time of personal and planetary transformation.  During the group gathering, there is a timely general message and each person may ask a question.

The Group…
• May tell you about beneficial colors & gemstones
• Make health recommendations
• Give you a visualization to bring about a desired goal
• Bring through your spirit guides, angels & tell you about past lives
• May speak of your soul purpose
• Give guidance about healing relationships
• Suggest journeys that will accelerate your spiritual growth.

A great deal of healing energy comes through Abby during the group.  Many have reported physical and emotional healings from being present during a group session. 

$10 donation

For Information – Call 1-928-451-0890

Upcoming at the Center:

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