Buffalo Blanco Quetzal Meditation

Buffalo Blanco Quetzal Meditation
Mondays & Thursdays

Mondays - co-ed
Thursdays - women's healing emphasis

Center of the Heart Sanctuary
487 N. Turnpike Road, Santa Barbara


Fabiola Farley is called White Buffalo Quetzal, also known as a healer who gathers archangel energies and Native American healing modalities to help you clear negative energies that block you as a being of light. In this circle we are one family and she lovingly guides us in meditation, tai chi movement, drumming and songs. You will leave feeling lighter, breathing easier and unburdened from your worries and fears

This gathering's purpose is to bring you back into alignment and wholeness so that you can shine your light to help heal this planet. Fabiola's mission is to help bring all tribes of humanity together as well as all Native American nations.

Come experience this loving environment where Oneness reigns.


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