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Saturday, September 19, 2013

1:30 - 3:30pm

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               Dr. David Cumes           

Surgeon or Shaman?


To most Westerners indigenous African healing techniques are at best puzzling and at worst smack of sorcery. The West is replete with echnological wonders. Our communication network is a veritable marvel with the likes of satellite phones, and the internet. Yet ancient African wisdom has a lot to teach us about communication with the ancestral "Field.  There is a realm of spirit but there is also a veil that must be penetrated if we wish to communicate with this potential source of guidance. Most Westerners do not have the techniques to pierce the veil; sangomas do. There is primal knowledge in Africa that can teach us how to contact information from this spirit source. The information is not localized in space and time and can be very useful to help us with life’s challenges.   Sangomas are the healers, priests and prophets of the Bantu peoples of Southern Africa. They work with diagnostic and therapeutic methods just as we do in the West. Diagnosis is made either through the medium of spirit possession, the divining bones or through the dream-time and treatment given with powerful rituals and plant medicines.

David Cumes was born and raised in South Africa and has been exploring ancient African wisdom on healing for some time. He has been initiated as an African shaman (sangoma or inyanga) and can testify personally to the value of their divining techniques, the powerful rituals and plant medicines, the altered states of consciousness induced by drumming and the diagnostic power of the "bones."   Dave was told by the bones and various expert sangomas going into trance that the ancestors on his mother’s side were the ones who would help him become a different kind of healer. Moreover, there was the spirit of a black woman who had been a sangoma and a friend of his maternal grandmother who wanted to be the guiding spirit for the divining bones. He was instructed to build an ndumba (healing hut) in California where the ancestors could feel at home and assist him. The bones were going to be his main tool for a new kind of healing, and Mntshali who was a master, was to teach him. Once he started the work, his incessant migraines, an indication of the “ancestor sickness,” went away. Dave’s third book “Africa in my Bones” describes this initiation.

Little in Dave Cumes’s upbringing could have predicted the life he would follow. Trained as an M.D. and then a surgeon in South Africa Dave immigrated to California in 1975 to begin a residency in urological surgery at Stanford Medical Center.  Dave settled into private practice in Santa Barbara. Once the practice began to be successful Dave returned to South Africa to fulfill a dream he had as a child. Dave is a bridge between Western medicine and indigenous healing wisdom. His roots are in Africa but he is also convinced that since humanity began there, so too did the first healing techniques. His quest is to bring the primal essence of these methods back to the West.  


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