Dr. Dream's 55 Tibetan Healing Bowl Experience

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Charity & Healing Event Brings Dr. DREAM to Santa Barbara with his Tibetan Healing Bowl Experience, Proceeds benefit Nepal

November 10, 2017 -- Mark “Dr. DREAM” Peebler, an internationally known holistic healing practitioner and International speaker, is bringing his Tibetan Healing Bowl Experience to Center of the Heart, in Santa Barbara, CA, on Saturday, December 2, 2017.  The event, presenting 55 Tibetan Healing Bowls, is in support of the Gilung and Sindupalachoka Villages in Nepal which were devastated by a series of earthquakes.  


55 Tibetan Healing Bowl Galactivation Experience including the ROSE Frequency

We will have 55 Tibetan Bowls from the Gilung & Sindupalachoka Villages in Nepal. We are supporting these villages in recovering and rebuilding their homes and lives after the 2015 earthquakes. Be a part of this truly unique experience, using these hand crafted sound tools that will wash over your being and expand your consciousness.

In addition to including our high-frequency, rose essential oil and 6 other oils, and 7 chakra chocolates, Dr. DREAM and his Band of Angels will have a selection of 55 Tibetan Bowls (Master Healer grade) at this event.

There will also be an opportunity to purchase bowls




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