HSH Speaker: Richard Martini "Hacking the Afterlife"

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Hacking the Afterlife:

Practical Advice from People on the Flipside & How to Reach and Contact Them for Help

Saturday, August 19, 2017


Center of the Heart

487 N. Turnpike Road, Santa Barbara, CA 93111

$35 in advance, $45 at the door

his website: http://www.richmartini.com

appearance on Coast to Coast with George Noory





"My experience of Richard Martini was pure enjoyment and fascination over this topic.  He's a regular guy and self-professed skeptic who never had a NDE (near death experience) but because his best friend died and is on the "flipside", this led him on a journey to discover if there was life after death.  He's a humorous, intelligent, lively and consummate speaker you will enjoy!" - Roxy Angel


Richard Martini is an award winning filmmaker, who has written and/or directed 8 theatrical features, and a number of documentaries. . His journey began by searching for evidence of the afterlife via various means including hypnotherapy and past life regressions as a skeptic. Richard had a transformative experience under deep hypnosis where he made contact with his best friend on the other side who passed on.  He made a documentary about people who recalled past lives and communicated with their loved ones (“Flipside”) and expanded his research to scientists doing cutting edge research into consciousness and how it may continue on.

Martini has recently conducted interviews with mediums to connect with people no longer on the planet, asking their advice for the best method to reaching out to loved ones.  He’s found their descriptions of observing us “back here” both unique and mind blowing.  He argues in “Hacking the Afterlife” that everyone who’s lived on the planet still exists, are accessible if you find the best method to reach them.  He explains how they want to communicate with us, they are aware of our thoughts, dreams or prayers, and describes the best environment for creating that connection.

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