Love Heals Everything - Jim Dreaver workshop

Love Heals - Jim Dreaver

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Love Heals Everything


A Workshop with Jim Dreaver

Sunday, February 23, 2020

12:30 pm – 2:00 pm
Center of the Heart

 487 N Turnpike Road
Santa Barbara, CA 93111


Suggested donation $25

No one turned away!

Relationship and work conflicts, money stresses, health and aging concerns, and personal emotional issues like self-doubt are all healed as you awaken to freedom from your ego, and open to the oneness that expresses through the human heart as love.

When you find yourself lost in thought, or are suffering, affirm the mantra, “Who is this ‘me’ I take myself to be?” then breathe, be present, and notice what’s true inwardly.

Notice how everything between your ears—thoughts, beliefs, “stories,” and the ego “I,” the “story-teller” itself, along with your feelings and emotions—comes and goes. However “you,” as the pure presence experiencing it all, are always here.

Increasingly, you realize that all suffering comes from “believing” what your ego is telling you—especially stories like “You’re not good enough”—and that you are not your ego. Rather, you are always this awareness that is here right now.

When you’re triggered emotionally, you learn to love it, because it’s showing you where you’re not yet free. Whatever triggered you came from your past and was real then, bur is not real now.

So you come back to now, and everything is seen anew. Come discover the love you are!

“Loving every minute of this, Jim… Before I met you, my stories were many, my ‘I’–dentity, or ego, had complete control. I was a puppet at the mercy of my past thoughts and future wishes, not mention my anger and superior attitude, which hid my self-loathing underneath. Then we met and your nonjudgmental way of working allowed everything to shift …                         —Stuart Crick, Sydney, Australia   

Jim met European spiritual master Jean Klein in 1984 and awakened to freedom in 1995. He is the author of  End Your Story, Begin Your Life, has taught at Esalen Institute and elsewhere, and does private sessions with those seeking ultimate inner freedom. His new book, available as a PDF for a donation of any amount at, is Love Heals Everything: Awakening to Freedom and Joy in This Moment Now.

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