Love & Trust vs. Hope & Fear

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Follow up Workgroup with Stace & Brie,


A basic challenge in life as we try to integrate a spiritual basis for our human worlds of expression lies in how we approach using our will in conjunction with the Will of Divine Being, especially in the manifestation of our personal goals. Relating to how our personal will resonates with Divine Being involves moving past our hopes and fears and learning to not only ‘Let go, Let God’, but actually deepening our emotive experience of the God we are letting go into.

Guest speaker at the service Stace Barron, emotospiritual  educator and facilitator

Sunday, November 19, Service @10:30am

Center of the Heart

487 N. Turnpike Road, Santa Barbara


The workgroup following the service will help you in any specific challenges or obstacles you may have in learning to embody Trust and Love in life more than hope and fear involved in manifesting your goals and ensuring those goals are in resonation with your highest good.

You will also be introduced to a novel way of experiencing how our autonomic nervous system can be seen within a mystical frame that connects us to Source in ways that support Love and Trust more than hope and fear.


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(805) 964-4861 or

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with Stace & Brie at (541) 326-7525



Stace and Brie Ehret Barron work from the masculine and feminine power centers to help bring balance to your energies

Stace has been an intuitive healer since he was a young boy so he brings wisdom and experience in a unique method that helps you achieve quick resolution!


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