Morning Aquarian Chanting



9:30 AM TO 10:00 AM

The Age of Aquarius is upon us!  We need tools to cope with the stress of the Aquarian Age, the Age of Information.  We have left the Piscean age of secrecy and materialism, and are now in the Aquarian Age of “no secrets” and lots of information.  Processing all of the information that is bombarding us causes stress on the human body that can show up as disease on the physical level.  

Chanting the Aquarian chants promises to deepen our connection with all Universal Laws.

In our Western World there is a crisscross of mental thought patterns because we are bombarded with too much information.

Chanting promises to calm the mind and bring balance to life.

  • Chanting is a blessing that we can treat ourselves to.
  • Chanting is our time to deepen our connection to Spirit/The One Creator.
  • Chanting is a technology/vehicle by which we can deepen our relationship with ourselves.
  • By practicing Aquarian Chants we become incapable of being defeated.  We experience victory over time and space.
  • Chanting is the electricity by which we fuel our own Spirit.  It is a survival tool for us humans to thrive in this Aquarian Age.
  • Chanting in a group is especially beneficial because it balances the energies of each person in the group.
  • Chanting tames the “monkey mind” making a meditative state easier.



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