No Limit Fitness: Women's Self-Defense/Kickboxing

        No Limit Fitness        
 @ Center of the Heart      

Join Veteran Trainer Tim Callaghan on Wednesdays for fitness!
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in the Center of the Heart Sanctuary
487 N. Turnpike Road, SB

Women's Self Defense / Kickboxing
@ 3:00pm - 4:00pm

The Self Defense class will help you predict, identify and avoid violence before it occurs.  it will also provide you with a lot of background information as to why predatory and aggressive individuals act and behave the way they do.  This information s isn't given simply to increase your head knowledge around the subject, but so that you are better able to understand how and why you should respond to them and their threat in a certain way.   The focus of the course is on understanding and adopting personal safety habits that will harden you as a target and prevent you from appearing on predatory individual's radars, and if you are for whatever reason picked up and targeted, are able to understand their actions and behaviors which indicate that, they have harmful intent towards you and that you are in danger.  With this advance warning you can put into play strategies for extracting yourself from the situation.  If for some reason you can't escape, you will be taught how to defend yourself.

Get trained mentally and physically.  Push yourself to physical levels you thought you'd never meet! Get lean and tone. Beat stress. Renew energy. Shred unwanted body fat!


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