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Advance sales are final, and sales end midnight before an event.

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Advance sales are final, and sales end midnight before an event.



Channeled through Christina Maria Kramer

Date:             Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Time:             7:00 pm to 8:45pm

Location:       Center of the Heart

                          487 N. Turnpike Rd., Santa Barbara, CA 93111

Cost:              $25  ($40 for Couples or Two Friends)

Christina Maria brings forth the embodiment and beautiful messages of the Divine Mother. Mother Mary has been working with her since her childhood to prepare her for this great mission - to help awaken and anchor the Divine Feminine onto the planet. 

Throughout the channeling  you will also receive transmissions of the Divine Mother's profound healing energy as she sings beautiful sounds which will open your heart and harmonize the energy field and chakras. She may also sing into your heart.

Individual sessions are also available in which Mother Mary will assist you with your own personal questions and concerns.  Many have experienced profound physical and emotional healing.

Christina Maria leads channeling events and retreats internationally (most recently in Assisi and Paris).  She is a sought after teacher and healer who has appeared on international  radio and television.   A Barbara Brennan Healer, Reiki Master, Rebirther , Christina holds a  Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology. She has worked with individuals and groups for 27 years.

For Registration or Information Please Call:

Center of the Heart (805) 964-4861 OR

Christina (805) 680-5623



I would like to share with you some of the testimonials from the private sessions with Mother Mary.  In these sessions, Mother Mary will help you with your questions and concerns. You also receive a healing and a blessing with holy water from Lourdes, France.  

Sessions are 75 minutes in duration either in person or long distance. 

Cost : $150

Gift Certificates are also available.

In love and light,

Christina Maria


"We were delighted to host Christina at our Holistic Healing Center in Ojai and found the experience profound. The whole evening resonated with love and I found the experience nurturing and it touched a deep level of knowing. Her channeling of Mother Mary is pure and magical. We would love to have her back in the future."

Roger Ford, Co-Founder of Healing in America

Ojai, CA

Encountering the Love of Mother Mary through Christina’s gift has been the greatest blessing of 2016 for me. I have been dealing with doctors and heart issues for a couple of months this year. At my first channeling I was wearing a heart monitor and I had no clue what to expect. She began the channeling and unexpected tears of healing came to us all. Mother Mary sang into my heart and reassured me that I am loved. When she sang into my heart, I could see and feel my heart light up with a beautiful light. She reminded me of the beauty of a spiritual life. After that experience, I had my heart checked and now it is fine.

  I was so intrigued with the channeling that I needed more time; I didn’t want it to end. Being so fascinated by the channeling I attended a second one. The second one was so different from the first. I got a chance to let my inner child run free. My inner child was so happy and wild. I was allowed to see my vulnerable side again. Mother Mary allowed my inner child to heal. We also received a precious gift from our guardian angels. Mother Mary allowed me to see my guardian angel which I now know is a male angel with wings so big and beautiful, they are breathtaking. I truly enjoy every channeling with Christina and I know I will gladly attend many more in the future.


Nancy Estephanie Arias

Santa Maria, CA

"I had my first private session with Mother Mary through Christina Maria on the birthday of my son, Brian, who was killed in a car accident at the age of 19. I was able to communicate with him through Mother Mary. She also helped me to understand the reason he left this earth at such a young age. The peace and joy that enveloped my heart was so deep and healing. This was truly the most beautiful and profound experience of my entire life! I feel truly blessed and honored to work with Christina Maria and am very grateful for the compassion, love and healing I have received through my many sessions with her."

Mary Ann Lee

Charlottesville, VA

"My wife and I went to see Mother Mary together for a reading for each of us as individuals.

 We were delightfully gifted with not only a loving and insightful individual reading, but we were also blessed with a reading for us as a couple. When we arrived for our session with Mother Mary, we felt we were in the presence of an angel. Her gentle sweetness embraced us immediately. We were given words of wisdom and comfort which have helped us in reaffirming our love for ourselves and each other.

Mother Mary sang into our hearts, reminding us of the love that we are. We both feel our hearts expanding with love and appreciation for having experienced this great gift. If you are seeking to feel the love that you are in the comfort and tenderness that we all yearn for, Mother Mary is here for you."

Leslie and Ron Riskin, L.Ac

Santa Barbara, CA

"Christina visited Lifestream Center in Roanoke, VA in the spring of 2005 and again this fall, 2006 and her visits were remarkable! Bringing Mother Mary's essence into our space left a rippling of concentric circles of love, joy and sweetness that lasted for weeks after she had returned home. It felt so good here at the Center. We look forward to her next visit and the healings that take place when she is here. I have experienced a profound peace in my heart with her presence here and that of Mother Mary."

Carolyn A. Bratton, President & Director

Lifestream Center, Roanoke, VA

"Dear Christina Maria,

I want to thank you for your exquisite channeling session. I truly felt the goodness, beauty and love of the Divine Mother and the Divine Feminine. I recognized her loving presence and wisdom. Having worked with angels all my life, I had occasions when the angel who leads the angelic hierarchies has appeared to me. What I experienced through you was beautiful, comforting, healing and most important - accurately represented the mother aspect of our creator that we all need in these difficult times. I feel a blessing occurred. You are gifted by the heavens to share this remarkable love with humanity."

K. Martin-Kuri, Author of Message for the New Millennium

Culpepper, VA

"I have been the fortunate recipient of many Mother Mary blessings, readings, healings, and events over the past decade that I have had the pleasure of knowing Christina Kramer. On every occasion I have felt inspired as well as healed, but mostly I have been moved to tears by the immense outpouring of love from our Blessed Mother. I have always felt as though I was being held in the arms of the most compassionate and unconditionally loving feminine presence. This allowed me to release issues of intense emotional content that I would have otherwise been unable to express. Christina is in sacred service to our holy Mother Mary providing wounded hearts a safe haven from within which we are able to deeply heal. I am extremely grateful for this divine gift. Thank you Christina. Thank you Mother Mary. Yours in deepest gratitude."

Christine Fischer

Standardsville, VA

"I have had an interest in the Divine Feminine for a while, and when I read about Christina Kramer's channeling of Mother Mary I was intrigued.  I had never experienced a channel in person before.  I took a workshop on the chakras with Christina, and this helped me to be more open to a private session with her and Mother Mary. At the session, Christina immediately put me at ease-she is tremendously kind, and began by telling me generally what would follow.  I do not want to give a detailed description, so that everyone can experience this work themselves, but I do want to say that it was profoundly moving, worthwhile, and supportive.
Almost as soon as we started reciting an invocation to bring Mother Mary in, I felt energy running in the entire length of my left side.  Mother Mary herself was incredibly loving and gentle, and offered insights and understandings that I found especially valuable at this time.  It did take me a few minutes to get past my rational mind in communicating with this energy-after that, it felt completely natural and easy.  It was a special gift to experience, and I am very grateful to Christina for her willingness to be a conduit for this beautiful feminine Presence."

Steve Schechter

Santa Barbara, CA

"I have attended many of the large group channeling events with Mother Mary. They have been extraordinary. At each event I have had profound heart opening experiences as Mother Mary sang into my heart and held me in her arms. I truly felt as if I was being bathed in the most loving and comforting unconditional love and grace. Her beautiful messages are also filled with love and great wisdom and always deeply touch my heart. I can also feel the power of the group energy as everyone's heart is ignited with Divine Love. It is an experience that I will treasure for the rest of my life."

Diane Sutters

Boulder, CO

"What a most beautiful journey I got to take with you and Divine Mother. I felt so uplifted by Mother Mary's Love and Tenderness. For the first time in a year I was able to let my tears of joy and relief fall down my face with her arms holding me ever so gently. I was so secure in Her Divine Love and the words that were spoken gave me Peace inward and outward, and the validation to continue to be who I am. The experience has stayed with me and will continue to as I am ever aware of her speaking to me and holding me in her arms. Christina is such an Angel, and just being in her presence is so fulfilling and then to get to have the Divine Mother WOW what more could one ask for?"

Ella Wiener

Atascadero, CA

"Dear Christina,

I would like to tell you of the beautiful experience that I had after my Mother Mary reading. That evening, as I was going to sleep, I heard a woman's voice and beautiful singing like Angels. It was so beautiful I felt so at peace with so much light around me. I have also used the meditation that I received from Mother Mary, and had miraculous results."

Nina Watts

Charlottesville, VA

"I want to thank you for the amazing experience you provided for me by channeling our Divine Mother Mary. The love I felt was like nothing I have ever experienced, complete, endless, and unconditional love. Tears flowed from my eyes as I experienced the joy of her love. I am forever changed and forever grateful to you for opening my heart to Mother Mary's love."

Maria Carroll, High School Guidance Counselor

Saint Luis Obispo, CA

"During my conversations with Mother Mary the information I receive (I have had several sessions with her over the last few years) comes through with great love and nurtures my ability to reconnect to my own heart's divinity. I always leave the session with a clear sense of direction which is often what I am seeking. We are blessed to have Christina channeling the Divine Feminine - especially in these times - when we really need the healing, feminine energy on the planet."

Phyllis Labanowsky, Teacher of Intercultural Relations

Conway, MA

  "My channeling session with Mother Mary through Christina occurred many months ago and the essence of it continues to beautifully nurture and ignite my heart and soul. I experienced the words spoken and the energy alignment offered during the session as a celebration of my love, light and truth of being. I recommend a Mother Mary session with Christina to anyone desiring to be held, affirmed, and encouraged in the pure embrace of unconditional love and support. Loving you very much and holding you in my heart."

Renya Craig

Old Lyme, CT

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