Past Life Regression by Abby Haydon

Pastlife - reg 05-13-20

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The purpose of Past Life Regression is not to see if you were Cleopatra or Alexander the Great in a past life.  It is an effective form of therapy which can disconnect you from physical and emotional trauma you experienced in a past life that is affecting your life today.

A regression will help you understand the foundation for strong relationships you are in today and how to heal or liberate yourself.  A past life session can help you release the blocks to talents and careers that you had in a past life that are calling to you now. People have also been able to heal health challenges that plague them today by cutting their connection to the cause that started in a past life.

She will spend part of the time explaining the fundamentals of Past Life Regression and then lead you through a group session.

Abby studied hypnotherapy, with a focus on past life regression, from a pioneer in the field, Dick Sutphen.  She has been helping people free themselves from the past for more than 30 Years. You can read Abby's testimonials about Past Life Regression at www.sbwellnessdirectory. If you have questions, please contact Abby at 928-451-0890 or email

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