Rev. Karen S. Wylie - Healing Within and Without

Sunday, October 8, 2017


Center of the Heart

487 N. Turnpike Rd, Santa Barbara

Guest Speaker: Rev. Karen Wylie

Rev. Karen is a highly intuitive and passionate teacher of truth, Karen lives and loves fearlessly and empowers others to do the same. She will be discussing her book during her talk, and her book "Into Me See" will be available for purchase and book signing  after service.

Into Me See: A Book for Daily Inspiration

As an inspired channel for wisdom, hope and transformation, Rev. Karen offers these daily inspirations to you, the reader, as something to think about and ponder, or meditate upon, as you begin each new day. As you drink in the words and affirmations in this book, they are sure to bring you greater peace and joy. In a most penetrating way, her words drop into a space in the reader where they ring True with a capital “T.” Her writing is lyrical, spiritual, ethereal, and surprisingly down to earth where the human experience meets the soul. Karen Wylie writes from her open heart and from her solid belief that we live in a loving, supportive universe. She believes that if there is a desire in your heart to know anything, the answer will be revealed. Into Me See will support the reader in cultivating trust in his or her evolutionary process, the challenges one meets along the way, and the assisting grace that accompanies each of us on this journey. May you experience much joy and happiness on your own soul journey!

Through her own deep spiritual practice, Karen Wylie offers a powerful pathway to realizing inner wholeness and healing. Into Me See will support you in cultivating trust in your evolutionary process, the challenges you meet along the way, and the assisting grace that accompanies you.
— Michael Bernard Beckwith - Author of Life Visioning


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