Studies in the Mysteries of the Tarot Cards

Mysteries of the Tarot registration

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An in-depth Presentation of the Tarot Cards for Growth 
and Guidance

The Presentation is Facilitated Dr. Alyce Jackson

When: March 9, 2019
Time: 10:30am – 3:00pm
Where: Center of the Heart:
487 N. Turnpike Rd. Goleta, Ca. 93111

Workshop Price:  $65.00


► Tarot Cards have intrigued people for
     centuries and useful benefits are
     derived from their use

►This Presentation will help you discover how the
   Tarot can be used to learn more about problems

►The Presentation is the results of a series of
   classes (Tarot Cards Demystified) taught by
   Dr. Jackson at the Life Long Learning
   (LLLC) of Santa Barbara College

Topics Discussed:

♦ Different Tarot Card Spreads for Divination
♦ Meditations to enhance the intuition for Tarot use.
♦ Interpretations of the Symbolism of the Major and Minor Arcana
♦ Tarot Readings for Insight
♦ A Discussion Forum

More Information

Workbook: Tarot Demystified Cards

by Dr. Jackson

Price $25.00

Available at the event or go to:

Rider-Waite Tarot available at the event for $10.00

Dr. Alyce Jackson

Roxy Angel @ Center of the Heart (805) 964-4861

Please visit

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