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Kriya Yoga Master presents:

A very special Discourse

Sunday, May 9th 12:15 pm
Center of the Heart

487 N. Turnpike Road

Swami Vidyadhishananda, Head Monk for the California –Based non-profit
Self Enquiry Life Fellowship, will be giving a discourse on:

“Honoring the Affectionate Repose in Motherhood”
Mother’s Day! Center of the Heart

Enjoy the serene divinity of a traditional spiritual master and Himalayan yogi monk. His Holiness teaches spiritual themes with exquisite philosophical clarity and trains seekers with Himalayan meditation techniques. He is among the very few available in the West who has been awarded the degree of Mahamahopadhyay (Great Ordained Teacher) in India due to his yogic, mystic and scholarly interpretation of Sanskrit philosophy. He is the head monk of a California based Nonprofit, Self Enquiry Life Fellowship.


  • Why are motherhood and motherland considered uniquely precious?
  • Is motherhood a sacrifice?
  • Do moms love to sacrifice?
  • Is it possible to reciprocate the gift of motherly nurturing?
  • Is motherly affection deemed as compassion?
  • Can one renounce the urge to serve one’s mother?
  • Is there a greater peace when we make amends with the motherland and honour motherhood?

Greetings/Darshan with His Holiness after the discourse.

Love donation offerings welcomed and accepted.
Call the Center for more information. 805 964-4861


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