Winter Solstice Mayan Fire / Cacao Ceremony

On December 21,2019 the Medicine Wheel at the Center of the Heart will host a Mayan Fire/Cacao ceremony at 12 noon. The ceremony will be conducted by Abby Isadora Haydon, the author of The Mayan Sacred Count of Days and the Mayan Astrology Handbook.

The Solstices and Equinoxes are sacred times to the Maya. They created a special fire ceremony to honor the importance of these days. In the center of the Medicine Wheel will be a special Mayan ceremonial pot that will contain candles that represent the for directions, sage and Copal, Mayan incense. Once the fire has been lit, each participant will be able to put a piece of Copal into the fire along with their prayers for the new year.

In addition, there will also be warm Cacao (hot chocolate) to drink while standing in the circle. This ancient drink was considered a gift from the gods. Drinking it in ceremony is thought to be a way of merging with the divine.

Connect with the energy of the Maya and use it to enhance your goals for the New Year and the next decade.

For further information contact Abby at 928-451-0890 or


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