John of God Crystal Bed


Healing Power of the John of God Crystal Bed



Crystal Bed Private Sessions

Developed by John of God, crystal beds use Brazilian clear-cut quartz crystals to generate color and light therapy to cleanse, clear and raise the vibration of your chakras (also known as energy centers.) The John of God “Spirit Doctors” have promised to help anyone who lay under these crystal lights.

We also use the Prayer Triangle (see below) to help focus your session on what you are wanting to improve, manifest, remove and heal for yourself and anyone else who is on your mind.

You will then lie on a bed under the Crystal Lights for 40 minutes, while listening to soothing music and relaxing (many people fall asleep or into a deep meditative state.)


Clients Report:

  • Improved Health
  • Pain Relief
  • Well Being /Connected
  • Peaceful/Relaxed
  • Heightened Awareness
  • Stress Relief
  • Clarity of Mind


Significance of the Triangle used during the healing crystal bed session

PRAYER TRIANGLE – When you come for a crystal bed session, you will also be able to experience the portal to the entities through the sacred prayer triangle in the office at Center of the Heart. It has been activated (turned on!) by the entities of John of God and serves as a direct link (or portal) to the hundreds, if not thousands, of Divine spirit helpers who are listening to and responding to your requests.


The triangle is used during your session. You place written prayers or petitions for healing into the bottom of the triangle for the Entities to work on during your session on the bed.  Specific intentions precede healing and then manifest.  You may place your forehead in the triangle as part of the session.  Sacred Geometry is very powerful and facilitates your written/ silent prayer / petitions / blessings.  


Now available in 20 minute or 40 minute sessions:

$30 for 20 minutes

$60 for 40 minutes

Crystal Bed Sessions are normally $65.00 and there are discounts given for pre-paid packages:

3 sessions for $180.00

5 sessions for $275.00

10 sessions for $500.00



Many Blessings,

Rev. Maryum Morse

Center of the Heart

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