Nijole Sparkis, RScP

Nijole (pronounced Neola) helps people heal the Shadow in their relationships - and EVERYTHING is a relationship! Coming from a background of brutal dysfunction & poverty, she sought a way out through the performing arts, spending over 30 years on stage. Her psychological work as an actress led her to eventually study Eastern philosophies, and their modern interpretations by Napoleon Hill, Seth, Louise Hay, Abraham-Hicks, the Course in Miracles, Eckhart Tolle, and others. She later discovered the Agape International Spiritual Center in LA, where she studied under Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith ("The Secret", Oprah), who also performed the marriage ceremony for her and her husband in 1997.

After 20 years as a singer / songwriter, Nijole retired into Voice Teaching for 14 years, discovering that her greatest joy was teaching her students about their inner power, which actually made them better singers. This led her to become a certified Life Coach in 2001, and eventually a licensed Spiritual Practitioner for the Center of the Heart in Santa Barbara, where she was Service Leader for 5 years, and then a licensed Spiritual Practitioner at Agape.

Nijole serves as Managing Editor at the non-profit c3: Center for Conscious Creativity in downtown L.A. She is a speaker, teacher, writer, and workshop leader, and also has a private spiritual counseling practice. She hosted the successful online video interview series "Heal the Shadow in Your Relationships" for two seasons, interviewing such renowned experts as John Gray, Rhonda Britten, Dr. Diana Kirschner, Alison Armstrong, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Kathryn Alice, and Dr. Marc Gafni among others. Over 8,000 viewers have viewed the series so far.