Prayers to Ponder

And so it is!

There is a place that you are to fill that no one else can fill,

something you are to do, which no one else can do.“

- Florence Scovel  Shinn

There is a pattern of perfection in the Universe, and I am part of Its design of wholeness. I live, breathe, and have my being in God.  My life and God’s life are One Life, I recognize my perfection.

I affirm that when I feel as if I’ve hit a wall moving toward a goal, whether in my relationships, health, or career, I let go of the frustration and I regard it as a signal to take another approach.  I pause for a moment and refer to my spiritual compass-the I Am presence the Divine within to direct and guide me.   Through inner guidance, intuition, and faith, I remove any limitations I may have placed on myself.  I break through to a new understanding and move forward.  I think and act from my I Am Consciousness to discover possibilities I may have not considered.  Acting on the insight I receive, I am part of the transformation that results in achieving my goals.  I am a conduit of Divine grace.  I am surrounded by the Love of God for Its own Creation-individualized, unique and precious.

In this moment, I am grateful, thankful, and appreciative that I am filled with the Infinite Light that casts its glow through me.  I am always being the Essence of my soul.  In deep humbleness, I let it be, and release my word to the Law. It is done.  And so it is.

Reverend Maryum Morse



Here are some simple mantras:


May you be happy

May you be peaceful

May all good things come to you

And May you walk in peace


I Am Peaceful

I Am  Joyful

I Am Free


“Large, rich, opulent, lavish, financial surprises now come to me, and I am grateful!”

- Edwene Gaines, The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity

God is infinite and Omnipotent.  I am tapped into and One with this vibration of love moving as me.  I know miracles are occurring in my life for I feel it happening.  I let go of the past and I focus on my blessings allowing myself to think and act from the understanding of all possibilities and high belief.  My soul’s choice is to rise to new heights of discovery and empowerment and adventure. I abide in Prosperity and align with God’s rich good.  Therefore I am open to receive abundant blessings in the form of money, opportunities, and meaningful life experiences. I do this one prayer, one thought, and one decision at a time.  God is revealing what my direction is to be, and I follow.  There is no need to force my life into one direction or another, I let go and allow God to guide the way.  I discover the unexpected blessings God has created for me.  I am thrilled with anticipation and I open my mind and all of my senses to my inner, spiritual realm.  I am healed from the past and I am ready to take on this day for there are no limits to what I can be, do and have.  All is created through the God within me as the way. Divine wisdom guides me on my life path.  I am grateful and filled with thanksgiving and joy.  I lovingly release this prayer into the Law with faith.  It is Done. So It Is.  Amen.  

Rev. Maryum Morse


“Sooner or later, you must put God first in your life, that is to say your own true spiritual development must become the only thing that really matters.  You will find that you will do a great deal less running about after things that do not matter, when once you do.”

- Emmet Fox

There is only One Power, One Presence and One mind, Infinite and Eternal and that Mind is my mind now.  I have within me all the attributes of God.  In this knowing, I am never alone. I am mindful of my Oneness with the Great Spirit called God; therefore, I am at peace.  I recognize who and what I am as an expression of the Divine

There is no sense of confusion or disorder moving through my thinking or consciousness.

I listen to the inner voice called Spirit. I think with the Mind of Spirit, I speak with the wisdom of Spirit.  Truth speaks to me, and I am no longer filled with fear or doubt.  I embrace spiritual ideas that nourish my soul.  I am never without my good, since it is Spirit expressing as love in my world.  I live in the light and love of Universal Spirit in every area of my being.  I am free and I choose my thoughts and feelings.  I express myself with the creativity of Spirit.  I listen with the availability of the Divine.  I love with the Love of God and I put God first in my life.  As a result, my world is simpler, infinitely richer, and more connected. I go about my day becoming more of who I am created to be and allow that Truth to shine out as a blessings to all I encounter.

I am grateful the Light of Spirit manifests as my life, I move into this now moment.   I am guided and directed, for the Infinite moves through me, manifesting as me.  I release my word into the Law with complete faith and trust. It is done. And so it is.  Amen

Rev. Maryum Morse


“Order is heaven’s first law”

Thomas Troward, the Creative Process in the Individual

There is only One Power, One Presence, One Loving God that creates all people, places and things throughout the Universe.  This Loving Power that created me is always present to support, guide and nurture me.

I know there is a process, a Law, a natural flow to life that guides and directs me, even in the most difficult of times.  I may feel sadness, stress or anxiety and want it to go away; instead I find the higher path to greater awareness, happiness, connection and love.  I give myself over to Divine Power.  I trust in the process of life, recognizing there is pure joy and love supporting me in every step regardless of the circumstances.  In complete confidence I hand over any concern to a higher understanding and let my life shine in the beauty that is the life of God in me now.  I am filled with peace, clarity and a sense of Oneness letting go of any sense of separation.

In great thanksgiving and with a feeling of gratitude, I speak my word and claim a powerful intention to honor this process.  I let go and let God show me the way and grace flows as my life experience.  I know this is the truth and the only reality.  It is done.  And so it is.  Amen.                                           

Revervend Maryum Morse


 “We can sit in the shade or move into the sunshine.”

The Science of Mind, pg 411

“...for with God all things are possible.”

Mark 10:27

There is a Power greater than I am, and I can use It.  The center of Power is everywhere, and Its circumstance is limitless. It is always right where I am; I am one with this Divine power.  Today I affirm my oneness with the allness of God.  I am a channel of God’s abundance, energy and power.  I am a vehicle of expression for Spirit. 

Unlimited good comes to me and flows through me.  Divine inspiration is my inspiration.  It lifts my spirit and motivates me to act, filling me with energy, confidence, faith and clarity.  My awareness of the abundance of Spirit expands each time I pray, each time I unify myself with the presence of God.  In prayer, my mind opens to the blessings I may have missed and the unlimited possibilities before me.  I am prosperous, for I live in the flow of the Infinite’s unlimited good.  My personal springtime occurs as I open my heart and mind to the Divine.  I shift my attention from thoughts and feelings that no longer serve me.  I invite wisdom, strength and love into my life knowing these powers propel me on my way to growth and renewal. 

I appreciate the reality of my inner life, knowing my outer life unfolds by celebrating all the goodness Spirit offers.  I show up joyfully, greeting the present moment, feeling successful in all I think, say and do.  Delighted, I gratefully receive, and relax as I accept my blessings.  I release my word to Law knowing it is done.  And so it is.

Rev. Maryum Morse



“Very little is needed to make a happy life.  It is all within yourself in your way of thinking.”               Marcus Aurelius

 There is one Infinite Mind, which infinently creates and expresses its infinite joy in and through all creation.  I am made in the image and likeness of God.  I am a “light” hearted product of the cosmos perfection shining through everything and all in unique and diverse ways.  I Am Divine Light.

 This Infinite Mind enjoys life by means of me as me.  Every conscious thought I think allows Divine creativity to unveil the light that illumines my path.  Every positive word I speak sparkles with the joy that seeks expression through me.  Every task I undertake is a fabulous opportunity to magnify the indwelling Source of my eternal happiness simply waiting to be revealed. Infinite Spirit radiates the warmth of unconditional acceptance and love within me and around me.  I let go of any sense of heaviness or negativity and allow my Divine self to bring forth harmony to every situation so my environment is an expression of absolute peace, love and Oneness.

 In deep gratitude to the One Presence that blesses my world, I happily release my word to the Law of Mind, knowing my connection of Oneness is the beacon that lights the way for my joyful and abundant life experience.  It is done effortlessly with a knowing of faith and acceptance.  And so it is.  Amen.

Reverend Maryum Morse


 “The road to freedom lies, not through mysteries or occult performances, but through the intelligent use of Nature’s forces and laws.”  Ernest Holmes

There is only One Life, One Mind, and One Being.  This Life, Mind and Being is God.  God is omnipotence, omniscience and omnipresence.  The life I live, the mind I use, and the being I Am is Spirit expressing through me.  I can never be separated from my source, which is the God presence within me.  It is in the Divine that I freely live, move and have my being.

The Creative Mind of Spirit is forever creating my world according to my thoughts, words, ideas and consciousness.  Knowing Divine Intelligence does not move for me until I provide the creative thinking, words and actions.   I consciously practice providing Mind with thoughts such as peach, love, joy, abundance, harmony and health as I go through my daily routines.  Whenever negative thoughts surface I replace them with positive thoughts.  This action shifts my experience and changes my state of being.  In return, the Divine provides for my every need beautifully.  I now release struggle, fear and anxiety easily and effortlessly and I am filled with a life of grace, happiness and plenty.  I am illuminated by the love and light of God.  I am the Light.

As I live my days displaying love, compassion and enjoyment, I experience those qualities mirrored back to me.  I am deeply grateful and humbled by this truth.  I give abundant thanks and release my word, knowing it is already done.  And so it is.  Amen.

Rev. Maryum Morse




“There is little difference in people, but that little difference makes a big difference.  The little difference is attitude.  The big difference is whether it is positive or negative.”

- W. Clement Stone

There is One Divine Presence, a Source that is the creator and sustainer of all.  It is the intelligence, energy and activity expressing within and without the seen and unseen Universe. It’ s essence is Love, Peace, and Truth.  I am a wave in the ocean of Spirit.  I am one with the One.

My intelligence and intuition are born of a magnificent creator, and I am always learning and growing.  If I believe someone has mistreated me in some way, I seek to see things differently or invest my trust more wisely.  I let go of the ego and I seek to discover the freedom of forgiveness.  I forgive to release others from resentment in my heart; I also release myself.  I feeI my energy expand and my health improve as I release these stagnant toxic thoughts.  I let go of holding hostage to the past, I give myself the gift of inner peace and harmony.  As I forgive one person, I discover other opportunities to forgive.  Each act of forgiveness requires strength and courage, and each act sets me free and opens my heart aligning me with the I Am Presence.  I am willing to experience a new higher vibrational frequency in my life.  I cut the energetic cords that bind me.  

I am grateful for this growing realization within me.  I give thanks for every inspiration and every experience that has helped me to awaken to this great truth.  I release this word to the creative medium of the Law. I know that I am now free and more connected to the loving heart of pure Spirit.  It is done.  And so it is.

Reverend Maryum Morse



"We can always change our experience, whatever you desire believe the you have them."

Raymond Charles Barker

God is infinite. Let us enter into this truth with joy,because we are dealing with a principle of eternal abundance. This universe is never poor. The Universe never runs out of leaves for trees. It never runs out of weeds for gardens. The Universe
is always abundant. Therefore, I, as a part of the eternal system, a part of the eternal process, of the eternal mechanism, I am that abundance. Any and all limited subconscious patterns regarding money in my subconscious mind are now eliminated, neutralized, and gone. Every concept in my subconscious mind regarding the income and disbursement now expands. I am free in the freedom of money. Money is God in action. Money is God in circulation. Money is Life itself, flowing in,flowing out.

Money is good. It is great. I appreciate it. I praise it. I rejoice in it. Money is an idea in the mind of God, of ease and freedom. I AM the idea in the Mind of God; therefore, these two ideas now come together, coalesce, and become one, are one. I am money. I decree this in my own mind. I am grateful and thankful. All right. So it is. Amen.

Raymond Charles Barker and Rev Maryum Morse


“…we must learn joyfully to enter into the Divine inheritance.”

Ernest Holmes, Living the Science of Mind

There is One Infinite Intelligence.  Its Power creates the Universe and sustains and maintains all life everywhere.  Spirit’s attributes of love, peace, power, joy, beauty, and wisdom express within and as me.  I am one with the Absolute

The Divine floods my consciousness with faith, understanding, and Truth.  I experience wholeness as I draw greater self-expression, opportunities, and fulfillment effortlessly.  I dwell in the secret place of the Most High. I am open to prayerful communion and ascend in consciousness.  Wisdom guides and directs my every move as the right action of Spirit unfolds perfectly in all my affairs.  I live, move and have my being in the Divine.  All the Power of the Universe is devoted to my good, which manifests as abundance, health, and wholeness.  God always provides everything.  Miracles follow miracles, wonders never cease and I give thanks for this perfect life.

With joyful thanksgiving, I celebrate life and express my divinity fully and freely.  I know my word of Truth aligns with the perfect action of God; I release this prayer to the Law.  It is done. And so it is.

Rev. Maryum Morse