Prayers to Ponder

And so it is!


"All Life is conspiring to make you a finer and happier person." 
- Raymond Charles Barker

There is Only One God, One Light, One Love, One Heart and One Mind. Accepting the Grace of God, I express and embody the idea of Oneness with clarity.
With clarity and Divine right action, Spirit carries me to the life and experiences I desire. I am appreciative of Divine Intelligence moving in as and through me. I free myself from any external attachments and surrender to the Divine; I open myself up for new possibilities to awaken my consciousness. I accept that every experience I have had represents an opportunity for growth and a chance to search within for the Inner Presence that guides and directs me. I let go of fear and inactivity, of procrastination and hesitancy: they are replaced by perfect right action. I allow my intuition to be my guide. I turn within and I allow the voice of God to support my choices.

With gratitude, this word is released to the Great Creative Law of Mind. It is accepted and acted upon now. I let God Do It. And so it is. Amen

Rev. Maryum Morse


“Limitation is a condensation of the idea of want.” -Ernest Holmes, The Science of Mind 

The Almighty Power of God within me is the Power and Presence of the Universal Abundance of all things good. Spirit is all in all, through all, the invisible substance always becoming the visible supply. I want for nothing. My Good is my God and my God is my Good.

I recognize that Divine Intelligence knows my needs and desires before I do. I am constantly and consistently provided with all I shall ever want, need, or desire simply through my recognition and acceptance of God as the Source of my supply. All seeming negativity is just story and false illusion and I let it fall away. I open my heart, mind, and soul to all possibilities, knowing the expression of unlimited potential is at hand. I keep my consciousness open to the Divine Influx, allowing Spirit to appear through me as abundance, prosperity, affluence and opulence. Unlimited ideas and opportunities are mine and they flow to me now. Knowing only that I am an instrument of the abundance of Spirit, I let It do Its good and perfect work through me, bringing into expression greater and greater ways of being. Life is good all the time. 

I rejoice in deep felt gratitude for all I am and know the Law of Mind always agrees with me. I release my word to the Law. This prayer is answered and I feel it is done. And so it is. Amen

Rev. Maryum Morse



Love has no desire but to fulfill itself...To melt and be like a running brook that sings its melody to the night...To wake at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of loving." Kahlil Gibran                         


God is infinite and Omnipotent. I am tapped into and One Mind with this vibration of love moving as me. I know miracles are occurring in my life for I feel it happening. I let go of the past and I focus on my blessings allowing myself to think and act from the understanding of all possibilities and high trust and belief. My soul's choice is to rise to new heights of discovery and empowerment and adventure. I do this one prayer, one thought, and one decision at a time. God is revealing what my direction is to be, and I follow Its guidance. There is no need to force my life into one direction or another, I let go and allow God to guide the way. I discover the unexpected blessings God has created for me. I am thrilled with anticipation and I open my mind and all of my senses to my inner, spiritual realm. I am healed from the past and I am ready to take on this day for there are no limits to what I can be, do and have. All is created through the God within me as the way. Divine wisdom guides me on my life path. Miracles follow miracles, wonders never cease, I give thanks for this grand and glorious day! I am grateful and filled with thanksgiving and joy. I lovingly release this prayer into the Law with faith. It is Done. So It Is. Amen.  

                        Rev. Maryum Morse



“Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life.”

-Psalm 23:6

There is a Power for Good in the Universe and I am using it! I am one with it, for there is only One. As I center my awareness in this abiding Truth I speak this word. One Life, One Love, One Power infinite indivisible, ever present Divine wholeness is the Source and substance of all that is.

 I am one with it now and always. As I direct my thought consciously, new conditions of creativity, health, prosperity, loving relationships and perfect life expression flow through my thoughts and my word for the good of all.  This is what is true for me and is true for each and every person for we are outlets and inlets for divine expression and right where we are the fullness of God is present.  I let go of the past and know I am renewed in this infinite grace.

 I claim, accept and celebrate Good and more good flowing forth as success, joy and abundance in my life. The goodness of God upholds me every day.  At any time of seeming challenge, I pause and remember I am loved unconditionally by the Divine lover within me.  I know what it is to be continually blessed by divine love.

 My heart overflows with gratitude for the gift of God’s grace.  I am grateful for the blessings that continuously enrich my life and enrich the lives of all others. Knowing that this prayer has already been answered personally and specifically for the blessing of all, I give grand and glorious thanks.  I release this word to the perfect action of the Law, I let it be.  It is done. And so it is.  Amen

-Rev. Maryum Morse




“everything comes from Intelligence.  There is nothing but Unity; there is nothing but freedom

.... Ernest Holmes                                           

         There is only One-God, expressing Its self-knowingness at all times.  I am unified with this Infinite Mind.  The One Mind is perfectly consistent and perfectly loving.  Its harmony is natural and all encompassing. In this divine moment, I surrender and give thanks for this amazing day created by Spirit.  I have the freedom and wisdom to co-create my heart’s desire with GOD.  I am one with this divine intelligence.  I give expression to my inner spiritual light in a way that is natural to me.  It requires no effort to be the real me. 

Authentic living is effortless and liberating.  I accept myself just as I am, just as I was created as a beloved, light-filled expression of Spirit.  With a grateful heart, I embrace the qualities God gave me, the special skills and talents that shape my unique experience.  By honoring my gifts of imagination, creativity and leadership, I honor God.  Freedom is a state of mind and heart and it is the true state of my being.  As my unbounded true self, I am living the life of that God gave me.  Spiritual liberation has no limits.  Embracing freedom of Spirit, I break through any self–imposed limitations and open myself to infinite possibility.  The only Power in the Universe loves me just as I am, the way I am.   Today, I step out of the way, eradicate any old tapes and beliefs, and open to the awesomeness of who I am.   I get excited to create my life’s passion knowing I am open to Divine guidance.  I choose to be happy, alive, awake and alert.  I chose encouraging words, uplifting thoughts and engage in spiritual practices to connect me more deeply to truth.  For I have a beloved partner uplifting and supporting me always. 

I take time every day to give thanks for this amazing life and the bliss flowing through all my experiences.  I am so blessed because I know God has got my back.  I give full expression to my spiritual liberation. I know this is already done in Creative Mind, and I let it go and allow it to be.  So It Is.     Amen                    

“I am free in mind, body and soul and I am awake to my infinite potential

   Rev. Maryum Morse    




“I am happy in the certain knowledge of this inner light.” 

     Ernest Holmes

 There is One Intelligence in all being.  The light of this Intelligence illuminates the Universe and my world, my body and my mind by my choice to embrace it.  Infinite Light fills me with joy and unfolds as my life.  I am the flow of Light in my self-renewal, and I awaken to the wonder of this day.  The richness of life bears witness to my highest good.  I am the Light of God living in harmony and love.

 I live in the Light of each day.  I welcome and celebrate the joy of the Solstice and welcome in the Light.  I allow my natural wonder to achieve my greatest good.  The joy of fulfillment awakens inner knowing and my choices are clear and peaceful.  The treasures of the inner Presence attracts the love that I am bringing forth into all of my desires.  I realize my deepening faith as I lift my eyes to accept and allow the gifts of God’s grace.  My life is an adventure of faith.  I trust the Light of Spirit to shine on any darkness.  I simply let the darkness dissipate and deny its presence.  I bask in the Light of pure Spirit.  My spirit is free, and my consciousness is at an all-time high. I give thanks.

 As I celebrate this Truth, I release my faith and rejoice in my freedom to shine fully.  I celebrate the gratitude in my heart and release my word to Law.  With faith and a feeling connection, I let go and live in the Light, for I am the Light.  It is done. And so it is.  Amen              Rev. Maryum Morse



“In the secret place of the most high, which is the Holy of Holies, which is our own inner consciousness, we receive illumination, guidance, wisdom, and spiritual power.”   Joel Goldsmith, The Infinite Way 

The One Infinite Idea in the Universe is the Divine., uniquely and wonderfully individualized by means of me.  The good, the loving kindness and the generosity of Spirit that moves in and through me is the nature of God as me. I am connected and filled with infinite creativity and pure love. 

I recognize my need to express creatively stems from the wellspring of Spirit within, I believe in myself and my ability to craft reality from my dreams.  I focus on my dreams with the absolute awareness that the veil is thin and manifestation occurs quickly, easily and effortlessly.  I am guided to the appropriate people, situations and events that bring my dreams into fruition.  I dream a new dream of life as joy filled and magnificent.  I give no power to any dissonance or discord.  I know Divine harmony is underlying all of my dreams large or small.  My idea of reality is predicated on the Truth that God is all there.  I Am that I Am and that beauty and intelligence has It’s beingness as me in physical form.  I am courageous, powerful and strong moving forward with unwavering faith and clarity on my soul’s path. 

As I see the beauty of God expressing in all my creative endeavors, I am able to understand my reason for being.  I live in Truth, I move in Truth, and I am Truth.  I accept that I am the creative expression of God and realize that what I dream comes into reality.  It is the Mind, Law that answers my desires and brings forth miracles beyond my wildest imagination.  I am open to receive all of this and more.  I say “Yes” to love, harmony, peace, connection, health and abundance.  For this I am truly grateful, and I let it be so.  And So It Is. Amen.             Rev. Maryum Morse



“Our Past is a story existing only in our minds.  Look, analyze, understand, and forgive.  Then as quickly as possible, chuck it.” Marianne Williamson

I know there is only God.  Spirit is the Creator of all there is and I am one with It.  God expresses in and through me as the I Am presence. 

I create my life, my story just as I want it to be and exactly the way I want to feel a sense of Oneness and connection to the Infinite Intelligence and love.  I see through so-called problems or old patterns and recognize who I really am; God living through me, as me.  I reinterpret any negative messages I may have given meaning to as I let go of the past.  It was an illusion that I created anyway.  I recognize how powerful I am to have created my current life experience. I bless and release these old patterns easily, effortlessly and with great happiness knowing freedom is the result.  I realize every experience is perfect and now matter what it looks like it ultimately results in my growth and my Soul is awakened.  I focus my thoughts, feelings and actions on my ideal life simply allowing Divine will to guide me.  I envision my new lift story as my actual experience filled with ease, grace and abundance.  My life is magnificent.  It is great and very pleasant.

With pure joy, I demonstrate my new life right now, and it enriches every facet of my experience.  I give thanks for the creative power of my word as I release it to the Law.  I accept it is done.  And so it is.  Amen

Rev. Maryum Morse



“Inspiration is the appearance in your mind of a thought you have never thought before.”

Raymond Charles Barker                                                  

God, Infinite Intelligence, the Divine Power and Presence ,is all there is.  I live move and have my beingness in this Divine Presence.  I am an expression of God and I am a shining beacon of light.

My perceptions are the purest form of my inner knowing of Truth.  From my God-inspired intuition, I have a consciousness of love and peace, of a rich life and aliveness that attracts and draws good and excellence to me.  I let go of past limitations and beliefs and realize I am One with life, I am the Consciousness of life, consciously aware of itself.  I dive into the realm of pure possibility.  I submerge myself into that freedom knowing  anything is possible.  There is only the All-Oneness of life.  Being One with the One, I focus my thoughts and accept my Divine dominion.  I open my heart to the influx of Its wisdom and intelligence. I listen intently to the still small voice that whispers loving guidance and support knowing my intuition is being fine tuned. I gratefully succumb to the highest idea of Spirit in me, as me.  I am refreshed, renewed and ready to take on all Life has to offer. I release my word into the Law. It is done.  And so it is.  Amen

                                    Rev. Maryum Morse



“Inspiration is the appearance in your mind of a thought you have never thought before.”

-Raymond Charles Barker

      I recognize God is all there is.  God is beauty and love expressing as all of creation.  Everywhere I look I see the out picturing of God in manifestation.   I am one with this creative Spirit and Divine infinite wisdom.  I am ready and willing and able to let God be in full charge of my life. I let go and let God have Its way with every aspect of my life. I am exhilarated by the promise of grace that lies ahead of me.  I am moving forward to unlimited opportunities and blessings.  I bask in the glow of the Infinite love of Spirit.  God expresses wisdom and light through me, guiding me every step of the way.  I acknowledge my fearful emotions to be fully present and then dismiss the appearance of fearful thoughts and step into the truth of my powerful spirit.  I move forward knowing my soul is guiding and directing me.  I am filled with strength, courage and determination to move into a higher level of expression as my life.  My faith is strong and I am awakened to my true purpose expressing as my spiritual nature.  I am strong, wise and creative and act with wisdom, courage and resolve.  My mantra is “I surrender to the power and presence of the Divine within me.” I am thankful that the truth is revealed and I am living a joyful empowered life.  Life is truly good.  I am fulfilling my Divine potential.  I accept this as my reality now.  I gratefully release my word into the Law with a humble heart filled with thanksgiving.  I know and accept it is done. And so It Is. Amen.

             “You desire truth in the inward being; therefore teach me wisdom in my secret heart.”

                                                                -Psalm 51:6

Rev.  Maryum Morse