Prayers to Ponder

And so it is!

“We can sit in the shade or move into the sunshine.” The Science of Mind, pg 411

“...for with God all things are possible.”  Mark 10:27 

There is a Power greater than I am, and I can use It.  The center of Power is everywhere, and It’s circumstance is limitless. It is always right where I am; I am one with this Divine power.  Today I affirm my oneness with the allness of God.  I am a channel of God’s abundance, energy and power.  I am a vehicle of expression for Spirit.   

Unlimited good comes to me and flows through me.  Divine inspiration is my inspiration.  It lifts my spirit and motivates me to act, filling me with energy, confidence, faith and clarity.  My awareness of the abundance of Spirit expands each time I pray, each time I unify myself with the presence of God.  In prayer, my mind opens to the blessings I may have missed and the unlimited possibilities before me.  I am prosperous, for I live in the flow of the Infinite’s unlimited good.  My personal springtime occurs as I open my heart and mind to the Divine.  I shift my attention from thoughts and feelings that no longer serve me.  I invite wisdom, strength and love into my life knowing these powers propel me on my way to growth and renewal.   

I appreciate the reality of my inner life, knowing my outer life unfolds by celebrating all the goodness Spirit offers.  I show up joyfully, greeting the present moment, feeling successful in all I think, say and do.  Delighted, I gratefully receive, and relax as I accept my blessings.  I release my word to Law knowing it is done.  And so it is.  Amen

                                                          Rev. Maryum Morse




"Enlightenment means taking full responsibility for your life"   - William Blake

"We are in an Infinite Mind and Infinite Mind is also in us.  It is by this Mind that we think."  - Ernest Holmes, The Science of Mind

Divine Source is all there is.  I am one with Source with all that is.  There is only One Life, the Life of God which is my life.  I  live move and have my being as the Infinite Spirit.  I choose to live and embrace this One Life as my truth, it serves me as I serve it.

Ego forms the illusion I call me.  In this moment, I am willing to release my higher Self from my illusory self, to die to the old, to the idea I thought I was and be open to the greater idea of my God-self.  I release anything and everything I identify as fear as I step into a space of miracles with my mind, body and soul.  Miracles are commonplace events and my life is forever in the flow of Spirit.  I choose a perfect state of being that allows me to enjoy life every moment of every day.  This is my life and it is filled with joy, abundance and peace.  I am awakened in Spirit.  I embrace my true essence.  I am in awe of the magnificence that I am.

I am so grateful to be awake and aware of my True self.  I see no difference or separation between the Divine and me.  I am grateful and my heart is overflowing with the essence of God's love.  I am love, I am awake now.  I release these words into the infinite Law knowing this prayer has already been answered.  It is done. And so it is. Amen.

                                                        Rev. Maryum Morse



“The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in.”                                 -Morrie Schwartz, Tuesdays With Morrie

Spirit is alive in infinite splendor, unfolding as the harmony of all creation.  The grandeur of God finds Its being in the individualized perfection as my life.  I am one with the all-knowing Divine Mind, and with this oneness as It is the creative expression of all that I Am.

In the world around me, there are many forms of power.  Regardless of outward appearances of wealth, strength or authority, the power of love is greater than any power in the world.  I turn my attention within to the presence and power of God’s love that moves in and through me.  I let go of fear and hate in order to know the fullness of God’s love.  With faith, I am able to love even those who seem to be my adversaries.  I witness the Divine essence within them, and I am unattached to their unloving or negative personality. It is not their truth and I forgive them.   I let God love them through me and simply allow the love to flow.  Love is the harmonizer, unifying people one to another.  With love, I see the nothingness of petty differences and the power of cooperation and unity in all humanity.   

It starts with me! I surrender and give expression to the overflowing love of God within me.  In the One Mind, all life is perfect; in this perfection, I have my being in love.  As I look around, all I see is love looking back at me.  It is alive and expressing as me, emanating fully in my heart and soul.    Wherever I find myself, I am immersed in the depth of Divine love.  It washes over me and is the fullness of my experience.  I stand in Truth and make all things into love.  Love is the foundation and my affairs unfold as love’s promise to the world.  I Am the vibration and power of love. 

Right here and now, I celebrate filled with joy and thanksgiving for all my blessings.  In this moment, my word has volition and is complete.  It is done as I declare it to be.  And so it is.  Amen.  

          Rev. Maryum Morse


"It is your spiritual consciousness-your knowledge of the Presence of God within you as total and complete fulfillment-that interprets itself as every form or experience in your world."
John Randolph Price, The Abundance Book

There is only One. In this sacred moment of now, Divine Love expresses through Its many manifestations, which include me as God individualized.

I see the beauty of life awakening and expanding. It explodes in myriad shapes and colors, reminding me I, too, am born anew in Divine Consciousness. With each thought chosen, my day is revealed. I direct the Law to bring forth experiences of loving friendships and nurturing loved ones including myself. The Law responds to my command to express as balanced health in my physical form. The universe is abundant, so my life unfolds in abundant ways. Spirit as money, flows into my bank account from
unexpected and surprising sources. I always have more than enough to use and gratefully share. I claim harmony and success in all my business affairs. I open myself to ever- expanding possibilities to share my true nature of loving kindness. I bask in the opulence of Spirit. For I am an opulent magnificent being.

I declare my word with great faith, knowing it is accomplished right here and right now. I feel blessed and grateful as I lovingly release this prayer. It is done. Blessed be. And so it is. Amen
Rev. Maryum Morse


“The person who turns within for light, for grace, for understanding, and for forgiveness never fails in their prayers.”                           -Joel Goldsmith, Practicing the Presence                     


There is only One Mind and that Mind is my Mind.  As I go deeper into that Presence, I embrace the energy of balance, harmony, and peace.  I know I am One with Divine Spirit and allow myself to be consciously present to this Truth. 

In meditation and prayer, I commune with God and understand I am blessed.  I am grateful as I release any belief in limitation and lack.  I enter into the mighty realization that I am one with all that God is and has.  I look around me and see the magnificence of God’s creativity and abundance forever manifesting. In meditation and prayer, I attract this truth and feel the Spirit of God is upon me.  I commune with the peace and love and health within me as my divine essence and birthright.  I cause these blessings to come more fully into my experience as I contemplate a feeling tone and vibration of the I Am presence within me as the giver of all.  I see that I am One with God and there is no separation only a connection to the infinite love of the Divine.  I realize the very blessings of heaven on earth are mine and I feel the magical nature of all life. I surrender any resistance and connect to my good allowing the Divine to dissipate any worry, fear or doubt.  Prayer reveals the conscious recognition of the Spirit within me and a conscious conviction of my inseparable Oneness with God.  I saturate my thoughts with opulent ideas; I reinforce these ideas daily and keep a focused mental awareness to align my thoughts in each moment.  I am a witness of the givingness of God and I am aware and surprised as God dazzles me.  I feel so happy and joyful.  I hold this happy feeling for one minute and dedicate it to a shift in all humanity to embrace this abundant Good.

For this, I give thanks and my heart is overflowing with gratitude.  I am supported in Spirit and rely on the Creative Process revealing the best for me right now.  I release my word to Divine Law knowing these words I speak are infused with the Divine Mind’s Design.  It is done.   And so it is.  Amen

 Rev. Maryum Morse





“God is pure being-not a person ruling over us, but a presence moving within us.”  -Meister Eckhart 

The Mind of God is the only Cause of all creation.  Every form and experience emerges from the infinite sea of God possibilities, bringing forth life as this perfect One.The creative power of the Divine is alive in me now and always.

 I turn within to find the light of God that is always there.  I close my eyes and remove my attention from any confusion.  I place my focus on my breath and open my mind to receive Infinite wisdom.  In the stillness, I receive the guidance I need.  I am not in darkness, for the light of God is ever shining, illuminating a path to my highest good.

My mind, heart and soul is filled with this new awareness, I see possibilities for greater good in my relationships, health and finances.  I am aligned with this vibration.  I keep my eyes turned toward the Light within in and trust the guidance I receive.  I say “yes” to life and to the boundless love of Sprit as I connect to this truth.  My faith is strong.

 Always thankful, always ready to embrace my connection with God, I know the Truth.  I release my word to the Law and allow the demonstration of good and bounty in all aspects of my life to be reveled.  It is done for I feel this vibration in, as and through me.  I am grateful.  And so it is.  Amen  

Rev. Maryum Morse




"Always expect the good. Have enthusiasm and, above all, have a consciousness of love-a radiant feeling flowing through your consciousness at all times."

- Ernest Holmes, The Science of Mind


There is One Mind, One Source-the giver of life to all. This One is creative, abundant, everywhere present, and all knowing. It is the One Power there is. I know I am an individualization of Spirit, and I partake of the universal flow of good wherever I am and in everything I do. My heart feels this presence of love.


I start this day by filling my mind with constructive and optimistic thoughts. As a result, I start this day with a happy disposition, a happy heart. I praise my life and raise my life in the name of love. As I do this. I leave no room in my mind or heart for unhappy thoughts or feelings. I start my day with a joyful and happy heart, my outlook is brighter, my walk is lighter, and my voice is sweeter. Love lights the way before me expanding all the good in my life, relationships, prosperity and the Divine essence within me. My happy heart releases all tension, and I am at ease and at pease in mind, body and spirit.


As I gratefully remember I am washed in universal love, my dreams externalize with grace, ease and joy. My world is my consciousness of Truth made manifest now and forevermore. I release my word to the Law. It is done. And so it is. Amen


Rev. Maryum Morse



“Knowing I am a self-choosing idea in the mind of God, I think from this true meaning of myself and unfold as a blessing to my world.”   Jay Scott Neale, The Power of Positive Purpose

 I Am Enthusiastic About Life 

In this sacred moment of Now, I realize the Universe and everything in It operates under an omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient Principle, which is Divine Law.  I am an individualized expression of the one Mind.  I totally align myself in consciousness and heart with this realization of Oneness.

I center myself in daily prayer; I develop a spiritually enthusiastic nature that shows up consistently in all that I do.  The indwelling spirit of God inspires me to act with a confidence that is infused with exuberance.  I am guided in how I may serve others and how I can make meaningful differences in my world.  Rising above any thoughts of lethargy or procrastination, I embrace projects and processes with creativity and energy.  I act on and share divine ideas.  Throughout the day, I greet others with genuine enthusiasm.  My affirmative thoughts motivate me, and my thoughtful actions encourage those around me to move forward in a positive direction.  All accomplishments are realized easily and effortlessly and with enthusiasm.

I am grateful to have this glorious experience of life and I am in awe of God’s creativity made manifest.  My soul vibrates with the rhythm of the Universe as I confidently release these words to the Law.  I am ready to receive and say Yes!  It is done. And so it is.  Amen                              Rev. Maryum Morse





Your playing small doesn't serve the world. There's nothing enlightened about shrinking...We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us."

Marianne Williamson, A Return to Love


    I Reveal the Indwelling Splendor


God is infinite intelligence. Love light, wisdom, beauty, and joy are the nature of Spirit and the nature of me. I am created in the image and likeness of God. I am Spirit individualized as a unique point of power. I am a microcosm of the Macrocosm.


Right here and right now, I know the Truth of myself. I am the beloved in whom God is well pleased. Spirit desires to experience a greater expression of life by means of me. I delight in providing the opportunity for the Infinite to reveal Its glory and magnificence in every word I speak and every act I perform. The gift of love shows up as me and this vibration of love lifts those I meet. I speak my word with authority and wisely direct Law to create good and good alone in every area of my life. It is my pleasure to reveal the splendor that indwells me. The old is gone, shed and faded into the nothingness. I stand in the newness of my growth and transformation filled with the loving heart of God as my heart.


Gratitude washes over me as I rest in awe of the magnificence I discover within. I am centered in the sweetness of Life. Dynamic joyful experiences unfold and I am thankful. I am filled with gratitude for the deeper realization that I am one with the One. I claim it now as truth as I release this prayer into the Law. It is done. And so it is. Amen.

Rev. Maryum Morse




That which you glorify in your mind, the idea you enthroned in your heart, this will build your life...this you will become." James Allen


I Love the Life I Live Now


I acknowledge God as the only Power and Presence and Divine Good as the only Reality. Life has already given freely and generously of Itself to and through all, including me as me.

I declare and know there are no regrets in my life for I am awake, and I have the discipline of awareness, the compassion to forgive and the courage to change. I am aware of my true nature-that I am a spiritual being, loved and guided by the Divine Infinite. Anytime I feel I have failed to be my best self, I remember that I am learning to live and love at the highest level of my soul's wisdom. I ask Spirit to reveal what I might change to move closer to being my best self, my Godness. I then ask for the courage to make that change and surrender to the Divine knowing it is done easily and effortlessly letting go of any doubt or worry. I realize I have done my best, and I have compassion for myself. I forgive myself, and find it easier to forgive others. I am filled with the strength, courage and determination to shift into another level of awakening of connection to my true self. I am the I Am presence. I am at peace with the path that has brought me to this place of understanding. I have no regrets, and I love the life I live now.

I am joyously grateful, knowing the Life, Mind and Power of God is right where I am. I am so grateful that I live in a world filled with good. My life is a grand experience. I am truly dazzled by the givingness of God. I release my word into the Infinite Law. It is done. And so it is.                          

Rev. Maryum Morse