Each Moment Is Filled with Unlimited Possibilities

Talk title: 
Accept Your Unlimited Possibilities
Reverend Maryum gives the talk

Center of the Heart is a Center for Spiritual Living in Santa Barbara California. Lead by Spiritual Leader & Senior Minister Reverend Maryum Morse for over ten years  Our Center is non-denominational, non-judgmental, where we give total acceptance, allowing for spiritual growth and healing of your emotions so that you can become happier, experience more joy, miracles and release fears. You will find a healing spiritual community to embrace your creativity, celebrate your individuality, learn laws of prosperity and abundance and the tools to deepen your connection with Spirit.


"Accept Your Unlimited Possibilities"

On Sunday, Rev. Maryum Morse explores the topic of acceptance of the infinite possibilities that exist for your life in order so you disable the disbelief in the miraculous & embrace the unlimited bounty of Grace in its place!

Music by our music director - percussionist & vocalist Eje Lynn-Jacobs and singer/keyboardist George Friedenthal as they deliver the tunes live!  Practitioner Eje Lynn-Jacobs, RScP. is scheduled for pulpit duty to help with the message.

We look forward to your presence here with us!

You Are Welcome here!

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Video Links:

10/22/17 Center of the Heart - Denise Foxwell, RScP   invocation   https://youtu.be/woIXSEsQ9LA

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10/22/17 Center of the Heart - George Friedenthal sings  "Follow Your Road"   https://youtu.be/bRz3SJt0uTg

10/22/17 Center of the Heart -  Gino Walker sings "Rise UP""    https://youtu.be/z0C6y_PRRCE

10/22/17 Center of the Heart -  Rev Maryum Morse  "Going Deep with the Divine"   https://youtu.be/YOHLVf3yM9M

10/22/17 Center of the Heart - Gino Walker sings "Freeway of Love"   https://youtu.be/mwkLdJ7fs64

10/22/17 Center of the Heart - Gino Walker sings "Simply the Best"   https://youtu.be/CRFKxIBKlnY

10/22/17 Center of the Heart - Gino Walker sings "River Deep Mountain High"   https://youtu.be/cfC4Qz6bC5c

10/22/17 Center of the Heart - Rev Maryum Morse gives Thanks Giving Prayer   https://youtu.be/Z9C9pnNDopE

10/22/17 Center of the Heart - Gino Walker gives Benediction prayer   https://youtu.be/9gbobONo9Gk

This Week's Affirmation:

"The universe pours joy into my life every day. It has my cup overflowing with wealth, health, and love."

This Week's Quote:

“To Trust in the Presence is the highest form of sanity. To feel it is guiding us is normal.” – Ernest Holmes

Reverend Maryum Morse's Prayer

Each Moment Is Filled with Unlimited Possibilities

There is only One Divine Presence in the Universe.  This perfect Presence operates in, as, and through me.  Now is the time and my life is the place where Spirit lives, moves, and has Its being.

 My mind and heart are firmly present in the now as I release past hurts or worries.  One way for me to release the past is to honor it for what it has taught me.  I am blessed with many opportunities for growth, whether I current judge them as pleasant or unpleasant.  Each one gives me an opportunity to stretch and to become aware of my spiritual gifts.  With God, I dare to follow my dreams.  Divine power makes all things new, bringing about the best and highest for me.  I feel my awareness of Gods’ presence expanding within me, nourishing my soul, and awakening me to the truth that life is filled with unlimited possibilities.  I am so blessed.

I am grateful for the way Spiritual Presence works in my life.  I release my word to Law, knowing it is done.  And so it is.  Amen 

Rev. Maryum Morse

Center of the Heart Mantra

Miracles follow miracles;

Wonders never cease;

I give thanks for this amazing day!