I Am a Center of Infinite Love

Talk title: 
Hellos from the Other Side
Reverend Maryum does Q&A with Medium Beecham Parker

Rev. Maryum invites you to attend our Sunday Celebration Service to hear the talk

"Hellos from the Other Side"

Rev. Maryum Morse  is joined by guest speaker and Evidential Medium Beecham Parker for a Q & A discussion about mediumship this Sunday. Beecham Parker will lead a workshop at 1:30pm later where he will be an open channel for many departed family members, partners and friends.  He says “I am not your average medium only receiving messages for one or two people – I receive lots of messages for everyone present” .

In this Celebration Service, share in good music from our director Eje Lynn-Jacobs and singer/keyboardist George Friedenthal.  Eje Lynn-Jacobs, RScP is our scheduled Practitioner to help with the message. We look forward to your presence here with us!

You Are Welcome here!

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Video Links:

07/09/17 @ Center of the Heart - Mark Alciati, RScP  Invocation - https://youtu.be/3AqLZCz4cZs

07/09/17 Center of the Heart - George Friedenthal "I Will Make a Quiet Place" - https://youtu.be/4vhGArUj6Z0

07/09/17 Center of the Heart - Eje Lynn-Jacobs sings "One Love" https://youtu.be/mQkQevPK__Y

07/09/17 Center of the Heart - Rev Maryum Prayer & George Friedenthal singing  -  https://youtu.be/KrgQv_DxhZs

This Week's Affirmation:

“I am renewed and strengthened by Thy life-giving energy.”

Quote of the Week:  

““I am conscious that I am one with all people in love, in essence, and in joy.”   -Ernest Holmes

Reverend Maryum's Weekly Prayer:

I Am a Center of Infinite Love

God is the Living Spirit Almighty, Creator, and Infinite Love.  I am a Center of Infinite Love as I am One with God.

I am equipped with the unique qualities, talents and abilities necessary to succeed in my sacred journey. I know love is the way of my heart; I relax and allow it to teach me all that is necessary for my growth.  Spirit directs my path, showing me how I may bless the world with joy.  My interactions with others are fulfilling, productive, and built on mutual truth. Effortlessly letting go of any judgement, I embrace the Truth of my Oneness with every living soul in this harmonious Universe.  With an open heart and an expanding awareness that the Life of the Divine is at the center of my soul.  I welcome every opportunity to share the love that seeks expression and fulfillment through me.

Eternally grateful, I release my word to the Law of Mind and watch with delight ad love becomes the heart of my way.  How good it is to know this truth.  It is done.  And so it is.

Rev. Maryum Morse

Center of the Heart Affirmation:

Miracles follow miracles. Wonders never cease. I give thanks for this magnificent day!