I Honor and Receive Divine Grace

Talk title: 
It's All How You Look At It
Darrolyn Fennelly, RScP gives the talk this week while Rev Maryum visits her Mom

Center of the Heart is a Center for Spiritual Living in Santa Barbara California. Lead by Spiritual Leader & Senior Minister Reverend Maryum Morse for over ten years. Our Center is non-denominational, non-judgmental, where we give total acceptance, allowing for spiritual growth and healing of your emotions so that you can become happier, experience more joy, miracles and release fears. You will find a healing spiritual community to embrace your creativity, celebrate your individuality, learn laws of prosperity and abundance and the tools to deepen your connection with Spirit

What’s Happening This Sunday:

Sunday, May 06, 2018


Darrolyn Fennelly, RScP. presents the talk this week while Rev. Maryum Morse is visiting her Mom.  Darrolyn will share wisdom from her life and from the teachings of our founder Ernest Holmes, as well as other New Thought authors and teachers to help us to see our lives in a more positive light.   Our Practitioner Denise Foxwell, RScP. is scheduled to be on pulpit duty. 

Eje Lynn-Jacobs jams with George Friedenthal on keyboards to provide live feel-good music for us to sing to and dance to!

We look forward to your presence here with us!

You Are Welcome here

This week's quote:

“Let us honor God more and man less. Let us seek within for the cause; it can be found in no other place. - Ernest Holmes, The Science of Mind

This Week's Affirmation:  I am choosing and not waiting to be chosen  

Reverend Maryum’s Weekly Prayer

I Honor God and Receive Divine Grace

God is Infinite Life ever expanding.  I feel the power and presence of God within me.  I honor the creative energy and myself.  How good it is to realize this truth.

I trust the intimate entity of God as truth and perfection.  I trust that each day in my life has purpose.  I am awake and aware to know God’s perfection in action in all I do and see. My life is a conscious expression of the cause and effect.  When I am tapped in and connected my life flows easily and effortlessly as God’s love surrounds me, guides me and protects me.  By taking time to honor God and being open to receiving grace, I expand love within my own heart and in the world.  Consciously, I move forward into another day fully supported by my divine nature. I have faith in the wisdom of my soul which is always lighting my path and my purpose.

In humble thanksgiving, I see how beautifully simple and wonderful this life of mine is.  I trust in the process of this spiritual life, let go, and let God’s divine grace express through me.  I release this prayer into the heart of God.  It is done. And so it is.  Amen

Rev. Maryum Morse

Center of the Heart Mantra

Miracles follow miracles;

Wonders never cease;

I give thanks for this amazing day!

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