I Receive Divine Wisdom

Talk title: 
The Undefended Heart
Reverend Maryum gives the talk

Center of the Heart is a Center for Spiritual Living in Santa Barbara California. Lead by Spiritual Leader & Senior Minister Reverend Maryum Morse for over ten years  Our Center is non-denominational, non-judgmental, where we give total acceptance, allowing for spiritual growth and healing of your emotions so that you can become happier, experience more joy, miracles and release fears. You will find a healing spiritual community to embrace your creativity, celebrate your individuality, learn laws of prosperity and abundance and the tools to deepen your connection with Spirit.

Rev. Maryum invites you to attend our Sunday Celebration Service to hear the talk

" The Undefended Heart"

Rev. Maryum Morse will give this talk on the benefits of having an open heart in all your communication.  Learn how much living from a heart centered conscious choices improves your life!  She will use humor, personal examples from her life as well as material from New Thought authors.

In this Celebration Service, share in good music from our music director - percussionist & vocalist Eje Lynn-Jacobs and  singer/keyboardist George Friedenthal as they deliver the tunes live!  Eje Lynn-Jacobs, RScP is also our scheduled Practitioner to help with the message.

We look forward to your presence here with us!

You Are Welcome here!

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08/27/17  Center of the Heart - Practitioner Trainee Roxy Angel Superstar -  Invocation  https://youtu.be/P9T5wSfckbk

08/27/17 Center of the Heart - Eje Lynn-Jacobs  sings "Amazing Grace" -    https://youtu.be/jK_uFeNJVjc

08/27/17 Center of the Heart - Rev Maryum Morse "Living the Life of Grace"  https://youtu.be/xp1lje51910

08/27/17 Center of the Heart - Eje Lynn-Jacobs sings  "One Love"  -  https://youtu.be/4SPq3gxba14

08/27/17 Center of the Heart  Rev Maryum Morse   Blessing Prayer  -  https://youtu.be/KiH6C8Ja97Y

 This Week's Affirmation:

"Today I embrace my heart of service. I serve from the eternal heart of the Divine in me"

This Week's Quote:

“Successful people like what they are doing.  They actually love what they are doing.”- Raymond Charles Barker

Reverend Maryum Morse's Prayer

I Receive Divine Wisdom

Spirit, Creative Intelligence, Infinite Wisdom and Absolute Power is all there is. I am one with the Beloved for I am the beloved, a one of a kind expression of this Love Intelligence.

Claiming and realizing I am a partner with Spirit, I stay open and receptive to divine communication through ideas and people I meet.  When I am guided by Spirit I feel the urging inside me, I hear something inside me say “Yes!”  With God’s guidance I push past any resistance from any old habit patterns and thinking.  I release any thoughts of limitation and fear.  I confidently step into the new opportunities presented to me.  Feeling the discomfort of the new growth I give thanks and gratitude.

I am aware of what is mine to do and follow Spirit’s guidance with joy and enthusiasm.  I welcome abundant and joyful blessings as an everyday part of my life.  Miracles happen so quickly I am dazzled and amazed.  I walk in trust and faith that I am transformed from the inside out.  How good it is. 

I am grateful for the opportunity to remember that I co-create with Spirit for all things are possible.  I continue to love that I am creatively self-expressing.  I release this word to Law.  This Law works the details.  And so it is.    

Rev. Maryum Morse

Center of the Heart Mantra

Miracles follow miracles;

Wonders never cease;

I give thanks for this amazing day!