God Inspired Intuition

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Dr. John's message is "Why You Are God"
Dr. John Hart shares the pupit with Rev. Maryum

“Inspiration is the appearance in your mind of a thought you have never thought before.”

Raymond Charles Barker                                                  

God, Infinite Intelligence, the Divine Power and Presence ,is all there is.  I live move and have my beingness in this Divine Presence.  I am an expression of God and I am a shining beacon of light.

My perceptions are the purest form of my inner knowing of Truth.  From my God-inspired intuition, I have a consciousness of love and peace, of a rich life and aliveness that attracts and draws good and excellence to me.  I let go of past limitations and beliefs and realize I am One with life, I am the Consciousness of life, consciously aware of itself.  I dive into the realm of pure possibility.  I submerge myself into that freedom knowing  anything is possible.  There is only the All-Oneness of life.  Being One with the One, I focus my thoughts and accept my Divine dominion.  I open my heart to the influx of Its wisdom and intelligence. I listen intently to the still small voice that whispers loving guidance and support knowing my intuition is being fine tuned. I gratefully succumb to the highest idea of Spirit in me, as me.  I am refreshed, renewed and ready to take on all Life has to offer. I release my word into the Law. It is done.  And so it is.  Amen

                                    Rev. Maryum Morse


Join Dr John Hart to learn how to free yourself from the Ego and acheive joy.