I Am Living My Soul’s Purpose

Talk title: 
Intuitive Surrender

“...the place on which you stand is holy ground.” - Exodus 3:5

God is all there is, and I am an expression of It. Feeling the radiant Life of Spirit within, there is perfect peace. From this calm, my imagination soars. I am co-creating with Spirit my life.

The Divine is spontaneously expanding me into ever-widening circles birthing within me new creative ideas. As I continue to awaken to my own enlightened true self, my unique gifts abound. I am energetic, kind, loving, resourceful and an intuitive communicator. I am enough, there is nothing else. Others are drawn to me and I welcome them. I am grateful for the loving connection with the beloved beings who are in my life to inspire me and to teach me. They represent my thanksgiving and answered prayer. Every life I touch is blessed and transformed. My dreams are birthed before me. In ease, I trust the results of my desires and I know I am always receiving my Good. I am grateful for this awakened path as it brings more joy into my life. I am living my soul’s purpose and I am humbled by this grace. Life is profound and precious.

I give thanks and I enjoy my purposeful life, allowing God to express Its love as me. I now rely on Infinite Creativity-God. I surrender my life, my heart and soul to Spirit. I speak my word and it is released into the Law. I know my word never returns to me void, for words have wings. The creative process in always manifesting. And so it is. Amen

Rev. Maryum Morse