I Remember Who I Am

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The Shift
Jim Dreaver joins Rev Maryum

"We must constantly recognize our Union with the Infinite, our Oneness with Life, our Partnership with God."                                     -Ernest Holmes, Living the Science of Mind

I Remember Who I Am

I recognize the Oneness of all Life.  One Power, One Presence, One God.  This is the Intelligence in and through everything.  Remembering who I am, I turn with absolute conviction to my oneness with God.  I Am that I Am.

Oneness is my authority, Oneness is the unlimited availability and accressibility.  It is my strength and my guide.  From the Oneness, I can never be lost.  I let go of any negative or fearful thinking that tries to capture my attention. Infinite resources are continuously within me and manifesting through me.  I know who I am and what I want to accomplish.   There is no opposition, for nothing opposes Truth.  Confidently, I move forward in the direction of my choosing.  I cam clear about my desires.  I am sustained and maintained by Infinite Wisdom.  My path is free and inviting.  I move easily through time and space.  I live a joyous , happy, and productive life, creating good experiences for myself and others.  I live with integrity and balance.  I fully participate and enjoy each moment.  I am deeply connected with God and enbrace the fullness of who I really am, the I Am Presence.  I remeber who I am.  The  veils of forgetfulness are dissolved and I am awake.

With joyous thanksgiving, I accept this as my Truth now.  I release my word to the Law and know it demonstrates perfectly by means of me.  I am grateful for the abundant gifts each day brings.  As I allow it to be, so it is.  Amen.   -Rev. Maryum Morse