My life is Magnificent

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Dr. Sue's message “Is It Really About Me?”
Dr. Rev. Sue Rubin

“Our Past is a story existing only in our minds.  Look, analyze, understand, and forgive.  Then as quickly as possible, chuck it.” Marianne Williamson

I know there is only God.  Spirit is the Creator of all there is and I am one with It.  God expresses in and through me as the I Am presence. 

I create my life, my story just as I want it to be and exactly the way I want to feel a sense of Oneness and connection to the Infinite Intelligence and love.  I see through so-called problems or old patterns and recognize who I really am; God living through me, as me.  I reinterpret any negative messages I may have given meaning to as I let go of the past.  It was an illusion that I created anyway.  I recognize how powerful I am to have created my current life experience. I bless and release these old patterns easily, effortlessly and with great happiness knowing freedom is the result.  I realize every experience is perfect and now matter what it looks like it ultimately results in my growth and my Soul is awakened.  I focus my thoughts, feelings and actions on my ideal life simply allowing Divine will to guide me.  I envision my new lift story as my actual experience filled with ease, grace and abundance.  My life is magnificent.  It is great and very pleasant.

With pure joy, I demonstrate my new life right now, and it enriches every facet of my experience.  I give thanks for the creative power of my word as I release it to the Law.  I accept it is done.  And so it is.  Amen

Rev. Maryum Morse


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