Ask Rev. Maryum


Ask Rev. Maryum

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Over the last 20 years as a Practitioner and as a Religious Science Minister, I have been asked many questions about spirituality, personal healing and the teachings of Science of Mind.    One question that has been asked time and again is “Does Prayer Work?”  And….. how does faith and belief affect those prayers? 

The best way to answer those questions is by sharing actual stories of friends and students of this philosophy.  We say that Science of Mind is a teaching, a philosophy and a way of life.  Because we have to be vigilant in how we think about our life, and what script do we want to write for our life?  Yes, you are the one who creates your desires and intentions. You are the director and producer of your life experiences.  It is so simple that individuals want to make it hard because many of us have been programmed to believe that life is challenging and we can do nothing to change it.  Many say, "Its just luck” when things do go their way or bad luck when things don’t. The truth is positive thinking and intentions are what transform our lives and the lives around us.  When we are happier and more aware then the world becomes a friendlier place.

A dear friend of mine has had many health challenges over the last 15 years.  Diagnosed with cancer and then many other physical ailments due to the cancer cure.  Each time she requested that we and her spiritual community hold powerful intentions about what she desired.  Healing of her body, the surgeons hand is guided during any surgery and most of all her healing is fast, miraculous and her body is even stronger than before. has come to pass that she is cancer free after 15 years due to her faith in the power of prayer and her strong intentions.  I am always dazzled and amazed by the love of God when individuals ask and their requests and answered.    The Divine is always seeking to love you.

Our spiritual community would life to support you in prayer regarding health, finances, career, relationships or any other area in your life that is challenging you.  I invite you to attend on Sunday at 10:30am as we have a potent healing energy that happens during our service.  Hundreds have been part of our Center and moved on with miraculous transformations occurring. 

Or write us, at and let us know how we may hold you in prayer via email or provide us with your phone number  and best time to call and we will have someone  pray with you  over the phone.  We are honored and blessed to support you. 
What questions do you have?  Write me and let me know.

Peace, blessings and harmony to you,
Rev Maryum Morse