"How Do Stay Calm When My World Looks like Chaos?"

"How Do Stay Calm When My World Looks like Chaos?"
Thursday, August 30, 2018

My position as leader of a spiritual community gives me a lot of opportunity to witness how the concerns and desires affect the individuals who attend our Center.  I feel blessed to have such a vibrant community.

Because so many people are concerned about what is happening in their world, whether it be recent fires, politics, health, relationships, family   this week the question is "How Do Stay Calm When My World Looks like Chaos?" The key word being looks like chaos. We always have choice about how and what we are thinking about. It is very distressing when awful things happen in our lives. Unfortunately, it is part of being a human being.

What are some tools to stay calm and at peace? When the emotion of fear, worry, anger or grief come up, try to be present with the emotion and witness it. See where you feel this emotion in your body. Is it constricting your muscles? Are you holding your breath? Then take 5 deep breaths inhale and exhale. Allow your body to relax. Continue to breath and ask yourself this question, which is from the work of Byron Katie: "In this moment am I ok?" and continue to ask yourself that question until you feel calm.

Dr. Osier, when addressing students at Harvard, gave this advice; "...shut off the past, ..Shut off the future as tightly as the past...The future is today...There is no tomorrow. Concentrate all your efforts and enthusiasm on doing today's work for today is all we have." Being in the present is the best way to stop the crazy making thoughts.

Years ago a read a book that changed my life titled "How to Stop Worrying and Start Living" by Dale Carnegie who gave various exercises to stop worrying. I will give a few brief ideas to help you get to a place of peace when life gets stressful. Let us start with my personal favorite. Write down all of your concerns and worries and put them in a drawer. Then 30 days later look at the list and see if any of your dire predictions came true. I can almost guarantee they l did not because 99% of all the things we worry about never occur. When I look back at the most brutal, stress filled times in my life, none of the things that I thought would happen ever did happen. Somehow, a solution always came to me or a blessing. I had to follow my intuition and take the actions but no great catastrophe occurred. I did have challenging times but those were opportunities for my growth and to lead me in the right direction on my life path. I had to move forward in spite of my fear.
Carnegie gave these three steps for any worry problem:

  1. Ask yourself; what is the worst that can possible happen?
  2. Prepare to accept it as if you have to accept it (really get into how it feels in your body and then release it)
  3. Calmly proceed to improve on the worst, meaning take your power back and the solutions and answers will come to you. Changing your vibrational frequency to attract positive ideas instead of doom and gloom.

Other things I do to stop worrying are, to take a walk, exercise, meditate, talk to someone, read a positive empowerment book or watch a comedy. Anything to change your state of mind and get you off the hamster wheel. I get quiet, pray, set my intention and visions come to me that end up happening because I am hearing the voice of the Divine. We all have that ability, it is getting quiet long enough to feel the Divine presence. I send you blessings and surround you with infinite love. All is well in the face of any worry. Remember you are loved and supported by the universe and by all of us at Center of the Heart.

I invite you to come visit us on a Sunday to release your stress and worries. It's a great way to start your week and be with positive people. Peace and abundant blessings to you.
Rev Maryum Morse