Healing Your Inner Child class 4

We all have a need to feel accepted and loved unconditionally. If your parents were not loved unconditionally, they each developed an inner child which felt unloved. This made it hard for your parents to love you the way you wanted and needed to be loved. So, you too developed an inner child which felt unloved.

Heal your inner child and transform your life!

In this Program that is guided by facilitator and ACIM Minister Muriel Guilbaud, you will learn how to heal your needy inner child through giving it the nurturing attention it has always wanted.

Topics covered in this series are:

Becoming your own nurturing parent — learn how to re-parent yourself
Replacing self-criticism with self-approval – learn how to change your critical inner dialogue with yourself
Recognizing & healing self-destructive thoughts — learn techniques for loving communication with yourself
Connecting with Higher Self — use your higher self to connect your inner child with your inner wisdom

Min. Muriel Guilbaud, RScP.
I became an Ordained Ministerial Counselor of Pathways of Light a community dedicated to joining with people around the world in awakening to the Love and peace of God within us all and to supporting applying A Course in Miracles in our daily lives.
As a Minister, Counselor and Facilitator of courses and groups, I learned to create a warm, supportive, open atmosphere where you can feel safe.  Experiencing the journey of going through fear to faith with breast cancer. I now offer care and love to others at the weSPARK Cancer Support Center founded by Wendy Jo Sperber. Wendy built that community to enhance the quality of life for cancer patients, their families and friends.

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