Sudama's Healing Sunday

Sudama Healing tix

Advance sales are final, and sales end midnight before an event.

Experience miraculous healings on Sunday, February 17, 2019 @ 12:30pm!

Sudama is a gifted energy healer with high percentage rate of miraculous healings.  He is tapped into subtle healing energies which clear negative charge – he himself is a conduit for this limitless power and he generously shares this gift utilizing shamanic and Chinese energetic practices that will help put your body back in alignment with your own connections to Spiritual Wholeness.

Sudama’s healings will open you to a deeper connection to the Divine which creates self healing of the mind body and spirit.  There have been many other accounts of spontaneous healing from individuals who have experienced his healing ability from allergies and bursitis to broken bones and cancer.

On Sunday, February 17th, Sudama will give a group healing as well as directing healing to individuals.  For this event, his fee is drastically reduced to spread this healing frequency much farther.


Sudama is an intuitive healer who can help you determine and clear the true weaknesses at the root of any issue. A conversation with Sudama on the phone, or in person, can radically delete pain and improve physical functioning on all levels, resolve the negative charge in relationships and stressful situations. DNA is “voice-activated” in that the thoughts, words, and deeds of the ancestors can be resolved through the application of “Living Word” be it prayerful or humorous depending on the moment! Sudama’s style is musical, mytho-poetic and mantra driven! He can lead you through a short process that generates a powerful restorative, through the activation of Kundalini Shakti, Angels of Healing, and Huna and Chinese energetic technologies. He is known for his “instant zap healing” ability!


“I have had the privilege of having Sudama work on me with his energies privately and I have seen startling shrinkage to my thyroid goiter that my doctors told me would not ever shrink. Because of Sudama’s energy, I avoided an unnecessary surgery and have more energy and my neck has returned almost completely back to normal!” Roxy


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