Wolf Moon Medicine Wheel Ceremony

Sunday, January 12, 2020
12:00 noon – 2:00pm

@Center of the Heart Outdoor Medicine Wheel

Donation $10
Abby Isadora Haydon will lead the ceremony where you will be smudged and purified, an opening prayer and sing Native American songs to all the directions. You may also share your personal prayers or prayers for yourself or others at that time by standing in the appropriate direction. These prayers may be silent or said aloud. Then there will be a closing prayer.


Stone circles, that have been found all over the North West of the United States have been used as a place of ceremony, prayer and expression of intentions for the Plains Indians for many centuries.  It is similar to the sweat lodge of the Lakota Sioux and the Kiva for the Hopi.  The stone circle is divided into a minimum of four sections, each one dedicated to a direction and the areas of life governed by that direction. The East represents beginning, the West signifies endings. The South governs the body and The North the mind and spirit.
This sacred space may be used to honor the Spring and Fall Equinox as well as the Winter and Summer Solstice. In addition, it can be used to pray for an easy birth of a project or baby by standing in the East and doing prayers. The West can be used to pray for a swift conclusion of a passing of a person or part of life that is ending. The South is a place to pray for physical healing or well-being. The North is a place to communicate with the elders who are in spirit and to pray for their wisdom and guidance.   The medicine wheel will be a fire wheel, representing birthing new projects, so it is important to collect stones that have been purified by fire, such as the stones that have been through the Thomas fire. They need to be at least six inches in diameter, or larger.  The number six represents the four directions, above and below. 


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