PayPal Donation Tutorial

Donations to PayPal without service fees*

PayPal has a method to send donations called Friends & Family where payments donated will have no service fees.  We would prefer to receive your full donation.  So here is a tutorial to change the normal setting to Friends & Family

*   (This is only if you already have a PayPal account to which your checking account is attached  - if you are paying by credit card, a fee will ALWAYS come out)

When you click on donation link from chat :

you are sent here:


Type in the amount you like to donate, press next:

and you're sent here:

in the area that is circled, there is a CHANGE link to change it from PAYING FOR AN ITEM to FRIENDS

Check Sending to Friend and then you will wind up here:

And that is how you do FRIENDS & FAMILY via Paypal

Other methods to send in donations is via VENMO

using RevMaryum-CenteroftheHeart as the payee

or You can mail in a payment  with a check made out to CENTER OF THE HEART

487 N. Turnpike Road, Santa Barbara, CA 93111

Your generosity and support is greatly appreciated. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at (805) 964-4861, through email or phone Roxy at (805) 636-4217. 

Center of the Heart is a 501c3 organization.