Bev Berry, RScP (Outreach Practitioner)

Bev Berry, RScP has been exceptional at supporting, coaching, and counseling people to create and live a more fulfilling life for over 30 years. Coming from a background in education teaching high school, training with Landmark Education and training in businesses and corporations from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies with entry level to top Executives, Bev has always had a leaning toward the spiritual aspect of life. Now, as a Licensed Spiritual Practitioner she is bringing her business and coaching skills into the Spiritual Counseling arena, using her vast expertise along with her highly developed intuition to support others into having a fulfilling, spirit filled life. Bev will help you discover your false believes that are keeping you stuck and along with her angels and guides as well as your own, you will be excited to leave the sessions with Bev to go out and create the life you really want to live with Love, Joy, Abundance, Serenity, and anything else your heart desires.  Now Bev is fulfilling her life long dream of traveling around the country, building her ministry and visiting friends and family. She will continue to serve as a licensed Practitioner for Center as an outreach Practitioner.