Denise Foxwell, RScP

Denise Foxwell is a fourth generation native of Santa Barbara.  Her Great Grandfather was the first jailer of Santa Barbara and his father was the first Postmaster.  She graduated from San Marcos High School in 1970 and has attended classes at SBCC, including many at the Adult Education facilities in town. 

She has one daughter Fern and two grandchildren ages 16 and 13, who come to visit every month from Lancaster.  Fern works for a Chiropractic clinic and is a massage therapist in Lancaster.  In 1990 she joined the army after graduating from high school and served a tour in Afghanistan during Desert Storm.

Prior to becoming a caregiver for her mother, Denise owned her own business, “PA for a Day”.  She was a personal assistant, a professional organizer, and interior designer.  She also enjoys watercolor painting, collage and teaches SoulCollage®.  Her passion is photography and has hung and sold some of her photography at the Center of the Heart. She has also won numerous awards for her photography and has been published on the internet. Denise also holds the second level in Radiance Technique, Authentic Reiki, and performs Theta Healing.  She is a Practitioner, holding her license at COTH, she graduated in July of 2013.

Denise is a member of the Core Council here at The Center of the Heart, as well as liaison to Growing Babies Day Care, and facilities manager. She oversees volunteers for morning set up at the Center as well as for the Sound Booth and Power Point.