A Peace Practice

Talk title: 
Living in the Miracle Zone
Bev Berry, RScP. gives the talk "Living in the Miracle Zone" with Denise & Lava

Meditation Service takes place
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every Sunday morning
at 10:15am – 10:30am
This week Roxy Angel Superstar, RScP.  leads our Meditation Service.

"Living in the Miracle Zone"
Sunday, March 21, 2021 @ 10:30 am

Via ZOOM video-conferencing

Bev Berry, RScP. gives the talk: "Living in the Miracle Zone"
this Sunday, March 21, 2021 at 10:30am via ZOOM.

As Bev Berry, RScP. hosts this virtual Celebration Service, her talk will focus on:
Living in the realm of possibilities and turning your negative experiences into lemonade instead of focusing on what bad & unfortunate. God has got your back always!

She will give examples from Ernest Holmes, other New Thought authors, as well as wisdom gained from her own life experiences to further illustrate this topic with the intention to uplift, inspire and bring your mental more in keeping with the Spiritual perfection that God intends for our lives.

Lava Bai, RScP, Denise Foxwell, RScP will be on virtual pulpit duty 

Ejé Lynn-Jacobs & George Friedenthal provide live music to frame this service beautifully. We look forward to your presence with us on ZOOM and/or on livestreaming on Rev. Maryum’s Facebook!

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Sunday, March 14 2021
Zoom Recording
MOVE TO TRUST talk by Lava Bai RScP  Sun 03 14 2021

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This week's quote:
“Yes, a miracle is merely something we are not accustomed to seeing or experiencing. In reality there are no miracles, for what seems to be a miracle is but a supremely natural law.”
Ernest Holmes

This Week’s Affirmation:
Life is a continuous God-glorifying blessed miracle.



Reverend Maryum's Weekly Prayer

Peace Exercise

(Amy Saltzman)

PEACE is an acronym for a practice that can be used in any difficult situation. Perhaps you can begin by practicing with small daily irritations. If you are dealing with more extreme circumstances you may need to repeat the practice many times a day, and you may also want to get additional help from a friend, a parent, a counselor, or a doctor.
The practice goes like this.

P- P is for pause. When you realize that things are difficult, pause.

E- E is for exhale. When you exhale you may want to let out a sigh, or a groan, or even weep.  And after you exhale you want to?… Inhale. Just keep breathing….

A- A is for acknowledge, accept, allow. As you continue to breathe acknowledge the situation as it is. Your backpack with all your stuff is gone, your parents are getting divorced, your best friend is now dating the person who just became your ex. Acknowledging a situation doesn’t mean you are happy about it. It just means that you recognize the situation is as it is, whether you like it or not.

Accept- accept the situation, and your reaction to it. You are furious, devastated, heartbroken, jealous, or E all of the above.

Allow your experience—do you best to rest in the Still Quiet Place and watch the thoughts, feelings, and body sensations. Notice when you are tempted to suppress your experience by pretending you are fine, or to create additional drama by rehashing things in your head or with friends. And allow this to (smile). See if you can discover a middle way- of having your thoughts and feelings, without your thoughts and feelings having you, and making you act in ways you may regret.

C is for choose. When you are ready, and this may take a few moments, days, weeks or even months depending on the situation, choose how you will respond. At its best responding involves some additional Cs.

Clarity: being clear about what you want, what your limits are, what you are responsible for.

Courage: the courage to speak your truth, and to hear the truth of others. Compassion: compassion for yourself, for others, and for how incredibly difficult it sometimes is to be a human being.

Comedy: Actually I prefer the word “humor” but it doesn’t start with C. It is amazing what a sense of humor, and a willingness to not take ourselves too seriously can do.

E - E is for engage. After you have paused, exhaled, allowed, and chosen your response, you are ready to engage with people, the situation, with life.

Remember, if it is possible, practice with small upsets first, and for extreme circumstances you may have to repeat this process over and over, and receive additional support.

Lovingly shared by,an)

Rev. Maryum Morse

Center of the Heart Mantra
Miracles follow miracles;
Wonders always increase;
I give thanks for this amazing day