Prosperity and Peace Are Mine

Talk title: 
Finding Peace Within
Reverend Maryum gives the talk

Center of the Heart is a Center for Spiritual Living in Santa Barbara California. Lead by Spiritual Leader & Senior Minister Reverend Maryum Morse for over ten years. Our Center is non-denominational, non-judgmental, where we give total acceptance, allowing for spiritual growth and healing of your emotions so that you can become happier, experience more joy, miracles and release fears. You will find a healing spiritual community to embrace your creativity, celebrate your individuality, learn laws of prosperity and abundance and the tools to deepen your connection with Spirit

“Finding Peace Within”

Sunday, December 29, 2019
Rev Maryum Morse gives the talk: "Finding Peace Within" this Sunday, December 29, 2019 at 10:30am. As 2019 draws to a close, it is important to review the past years events with self-compassion, love and peacefulness.  Rev. Maryum Morse will pull nuggets of truth from wisdom teachers like Ernest Holmes and others as examples. 

Darrolyn Fennelly, RScP will be on pulpit.

Eje Lynn-Jacobs & George Friedenthal provide the music to frame this service beautifully.

Come out and join in this powerful gathering which sets the tone for your week by strengthening your faith and connection with other truth-seekers in your community!

Stay after service and have a bite to eat with us and make friends too.

We look forward to your presence here with us!

You Are Welcome here

This week's quote:
“The infinite is a divine extravagance.  It is forever giving Itself away.”

Raymond Charles Barker, The Power of Presence

This Week's Affirmation
I am a person of immeasurable worth. From the deep well of love within me, I live from, I give from, I receive from this love.

Reverend Maryum's Weekly Prayer

Prosperity and Peace Are Mine

There is one Power, One Spirit, One Mind-It is God. Spirit lives in and through me and all of creation.  I am a unique way that love is happing on this planet.

I am expanding in consciousness as prosperity and peace.  Today, I accept my good, knowing the Universe is unlimited in supply.  I decide to live a richer life.  I allow Spirit to guide me to the ways and means to have it all now.  Any past concept of limitation, lack, or loss is released here and now.  This Truth sets me free to know abundance is my birthright.  I am a perfect idea in the mind of God.  I release any shadow of negative thinking.  I am worthy of my good.  I look for the beauty and feel the love in my life experience.  My mind opens to prosperity and peace.  I receive God’s gifts willingly.  I claim Divine Oneness.

I give thanks for my richer life.  It is my new reality.  It is done.  And so it is.  Amen
Rev. Maryum Morse

Center of the Heart Mantra
Miracles follow miracles;
Wonders always increase;
I give thanks for this amazing day!


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